January 30, 2021 2 min read


When it comes to our health, the things we do on a daily basis make a big—and lasting—difference. But making the choices that support a healthy lifestyle can feel next to impossible. 

Why is it so hard to implement habits that enhance our well-being?

To help us stay committed, we’re sharing our top five tips for creating healthy, long-lasting habits to help us all reach our goals.

  1. Commit to a timeline. Rome wasn’t built in a day and exercise won’t be a habit overnight. Set a timeline that seems attainable and build from there. Try making small habits that don't seem too daunting. Start by committing to take one walk a day, and once we have crossed that first benchmark commit to turning one walk into a run. 
  2. Set reminders. When adding something new to our routine, it's natural to forget. Setting a few different reminders can help us stay focused. Reminders can be anything from a sticky note on our bathroom mirror to putting our workout clothes next to our bed at night.
  3. Be Patient. It can be tempting to give up when we feel like we failed in some way. Maybe we missed a day or felt we overindulged. That is ok! We shouldn’t get stuck on a perceived misstep, but instead focus on what we have achieved and adjust our deadlines when needed.
  4. Celebrate small wins. Every time we set and accomplish a goal—no matter how small—our brains release dopamine as a reward and this, in turn, spurs motivation. Instead of dwelling on how far we have to go, we should recognize the progress we have made. We can celebrate the 10-minute bootcamp we completed instead of focusing on how far we have to go to achieve our ultimate goal. 
  5. Find accountability. When we are alone, we have all the room in the world to skip that early morning workout or eat dessert for dinner. But when we’re accountable to someone else we have a little extra motivation to be consistent, not to mention additional support for when we feel like giving up. Lucky for Echelon members, we have a supportive community where we can all find our next accountability partner.  
Making healthy choices doesn’t need to be a chore, it can be as habitual and easy as brushing your teeth, if you make some simple changes to set yourself up for success.