Corporate Wellness with Echelon

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Echelon Offers a Turnkey Wellness Solution

Exclusive Equipment Discounts

Receive access to a private web page branded to match your company with exclusive equipment pricing. Echelon offers a family of connected fitness equipment for every workout preference including — Smart Bikes, Rowers, Fitness Mirrors, and Treadmills.

Echelon member riding bike Echelon member riding bike
Echelon member riding bike

Incentivize Active Lifestyles

Encourage healthy lifestyles with our app-based activity tracker to start or expand an employer-sponsored wellness incentive program.

Incentivize Active Lifestyles Incentivize Active Lifestyles
Incentivize Active Lifestyles

Your Key to a Healthy Workplace

Echelon specializes in making a healthy lifestyle attainable and sustainable for everyone — no matter their fitness level or workout preference.

  • Technology Meets Fitness

    Echelon combines immersive fitness technology and innovative equipment design to create a revolutionary workout experience.

    Members connect their Echelon smart bikes, rowers, treadmills, or fitness mirrors to the Echelon Fit app for access to live and on-demand workout classes filmed at Echelon studios around the world and led by professional instructors.

  • Equipment for Everyone

    Echelon’s product line is a reflection of our belief that diversity and inclusivity should be celebrated. Everyone deserves the opportunity to be active in a way that they enjoy.

    Discover a family of connected fitness equipment for every unique employee, including — Smart Bikes, Rowers, Fitness Mirrors, and Treadmills.

  • Live Studio Classes

    Broadcasting from studios around the world, your employees can choose from hundreds of daily live fitness classes created exclusively for Echelon’s Smart Connect Bikes, Rowers, Treadmills, and Fitness Mirrors.

    Fuel accountability and team-building with organized company classes, or join colleagues on the Echelon in-app Leaderboard at home.

  • On-Demand Classes + Scenic Workouts

    Echelon’s ever-growing library of thousands of on-demand classes allows your employees to set a workout routine that works for their schedule.

    They can also explore the world without leaving home with Echelon’s scenic workouts. Whether your employees want to get in touch with nature or see foreign landscapes, there's a scenic ride, run, or row for everyone.

  • Growing Global Roster

    Whether your business is a domestic company or an international brand, Echelon has instructors that can connect with all of your employees.

    We have instructors at all of our worldwide studios located in Chattanooga, Miami, London, Paris, and Hamburg. They lead classes in English, French, German, Spanish, and Turkish so your employees — no matter their language — can reach their fitness goals.

  • Various Motivational Styles

    Some people need positive reinforcement to keep them moving while others thrive on tough love. Our diverse roster of instructors features a variety of personalities to keep each employee engaged.

    Echelon instructors want to meet your employees where they are on their fitness journey. They teach classes for every fitness level to keep beginners encouraged and experienced athletes challenged.

  • Build Team Morale

    Echelon offers a unique opportunity to build team morale through fitness. Encourage your employees to attend a scheduled live class together or pick an on-demand option for everyone to join at the same time.

    With our off-equipment classes, your company can schedule a yoga at lunch or kickboxing after work to promote healthy activity during the workday.

  • Encourage Positive Competition

    Our interactive Leaderboard allows your employees to give each other high-fives, race for the top spot, and engage in positive competition. The Echelon Fit app allows members to “friend” other members and filter the Leaderboard to display only those friends.

    Virtual group fitness is a great way to drive accountability and maintain motivation while still being able to exercise at home.

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