KiloGear Men’s Performance Long Sleeve Top

Size: S
Color: Black
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  • Description: 82% Polyester, 18% Spandex warp knit construction. Anti Microbial, Moisture Management.
  • Style #: T302
  • Weight Capacity: 8-.25 lb , 4per arm
  • Colors: Black
Wear KILOGEAR all day to work, running errands with the kids or take your fitness routine to the next level and wear it during your entire workout. Increases metabolism so you lose weight faster. Increases your heart rate so you burn more calories.

KILOGEAR increases a person’s ability to burn more calories by activating key muscle groups. Just wearing KILOGEAR throughout the day, allows a person to burn extra calories, all without changing their lifestyle! KILOGEAR stimulates the body’s metabolism to burn calories steadily, which results in a more sustainable level of fat loss. Wearing KILOGEAR for an extended time, allows a person to increase their lean muscle mass, boosting their natural metabolism. Every pound of muscle gained burns an extra 50 calories per day. KILOGEAR transforms bodies. Visit for any additional information on KiloGear.