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Start Your Year with the Echelon 20x22 Challenge

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January 01, 2022
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2022 is the perfect time to add some variety to your fitness routine! Whether you are a seasoned member who has been doing the same class with the same instructor or are new and looking to find your niche — the 20x22 Challenge is for you.

Available for Connect Bike, FitPass, Echelon Stride, and Row, these challenges feature 20-minute classes for 22 days that are a sampling of class types and instructors. Try something new in 2022 and conquer the 20x22 Challenge! 

Check out the schedules and the types of classes featured for each challenge below.

20x22 Challenge for Connect Bikes

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Power Rides (Days 1, 16 + 20) 
Power Rides get their name from the power generated by combined resistance and leg speed, also known as cadence. These interval rides switch up speed, load, and time to increase strength and stamina and spike post-workout metabolic activity. 

Bike Bootcamp (Day 2) 
In bike bootcamp classes, your workout begins with a ride and ends with floor exercises. These classes are best taken while wearing regular sneakers and utilizing the toe cages on your pedals.

Low Impact Rides (Days 3, 15)
Low Impact Rides allow you to build a solid foundation by focusing on form, technique, and execution. With a combination of milder terrains and moderate-intensity drills, these workouts build baseline fitness levels and promote active recovery.

Tabata Rides (Days 4, 6, 8)
Tabata Rides are a form of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) using short bursts of all-out effort, followed by brief recoveries to promote aerobic and anaerobic conditioning. Effort and rest are a 2:1 ratio, respectively.

Fusion Rides (Days 5, 11, 13 + 22)
Fusion Rides challenge physical and mental agility and are a medley workout of our favorite drills – strength, power, and speed.

Speed Rides (Days 7, 10)
Pedal through perceived limits as you generate and sustain speed on flat roads and mild climbs at higher cadences. Speed Rides allow you to push your boundaries, improving anaerobic threshold and overall aerobic capacity.

Hill Rides (Days 9, 12, 17 + 19)
Hill Rides are one of the more challenging ride classes we offer. These workouts will help build strength and cardiovascular endurance while working the largest muscle groups. The classes combine steep climbs, moderate grade climbs, and rolling hills with bursts of speed. 

Cadence Rides (Days 14 + 21)
Cadence Rides veer away from “rules of the road riding,” providing interval training for the music-driven athlete. Rhythm riding combined with full-body strengthening works all muscle groups—glutes, quads, core, and upper body.

Endurance Rides (Day 18)
Endurance Rides incorporate the variables of time and tempo across milder terrains, helping you establish a solid foundation and build baseline fitness levels. 


The 20x22 Challenge for Connect Bikes is available on-demand on January 1, 2022.

20x22 Challenge on FitPass

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Total Body Strength (Days 1, 7, 11 + 17)
Total Body Strength pushes your body to the next level using strength training intermixed with aerobic activity for a total-body burn both during and after class. Weights are recommended.

Kickboxing (Days 2, 12 + 22)
Kickboxing is a high-energy class that combines martial arts techniques with fast-paced cardio to challenge your strength and flexibility while improving coordination and stamina. Incorporating weights during this workout is optional.

Vinyasa Yoga (Days 3 + 21)
Vinyasa Yoga is a yoga practice that links breath with movement at a moderate pace. This workout will build strength, flexibility, and balance.

Barre (Days 4, 14 + 19)
Barre classes are inspired by classical ballet and Pilates-based movements and focus on high repetition, micromovement-based exercises, and smaller ranges of motion to achieve results. You can use a ballet barre, chair, arm of a couch, or countertop for this workout.

Boxing (Days 5, 15)
A shadowboxing class (punching air instead of a bag) that focuses on proper punching form and stances paired with high-intensity interval training. 

HIIT + Core (Day 6)
HIIT, high-intensity interval training, is a total-body workout featuring intermittent bursts of vigorous activity mixed with periods of rest to maximize the cardiovascular system. Additional emphasis is added for core-specific training in HIIT + Core. Weights are optional.

Upper Body Strength (Days 8 + 16)
An upper body strength workout improves your upper body strength and tones your arms, back, chest, shoulders, and core. Weights are required for these classes.

Slow Flow Yoga (Day 9)
Slow Flow Yoga is a more leisurely-paced vinyasa yoga practice that links breath with movement, balanced with holding poses for longer periods of time.

Core Strength (Days 10 + 20)
Core strength classes target your core and lower back using functional movement to enhance total body endurance, power, strength, and stability. Incorporating weights is optional.

Restorative Yoga (Day 13)
Restorative Yoga is a healing yoga practice where poses will be held for longer periods of time to encourage relaxation and promote a calming effect.

Lower Body Strength (Day 18)
Lower body strength workouts are designed to build lower-body strength to tone and tighten your legs, glutes, and core. Weights are recommended.


The 20x22 Challenge on FitPass is off-equipment and available to Echelon Premier and FitPass members on January 1, 2022.

20x22 Challenge for Echelon Stride

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Rhythm Runs (Days 1, 6 + 14)
Rhythm runs are fun total body music-based classes that get your heart rate up while you run to the beat of the music at a steady, easy pace.

Stride Bootcamp Core (Day 2)
Stride Bootcamp Core is a core-focused, high-impact class that has you on your treadmill for half the workout and strength training the other half. This core workout will help increase your metabolism and keep you energized all day long.

Hill Interval Runs (Days 3, 11 + 12)
Interval Runs are broken into 60-second to 3-minute intervals of intermediate-intensity on an incline followed by active recoveries (jog or walking). You will use your aerobic and anaerobic systems to build both power and endurance.

Interval Runs (Day 4)
Interval Runs are broken into 60-second to 3-minute intervals of intermediate-intensity (sprints or running) followed by active recoveries (jog or walking). You will use your aerobic and anaerobic systems to build both power and endurance.

Stride Bootcamp Lower Body (Day 5)
Working out the entire body is the focus of Stride Bootcamp Total Body where you will be on your treadmill for half the time and strength training the other half. It will get your metabolism into gear and leave you feeling invigorated all day.

Endurance Runs (Days 7 + 22)
Endurance Runs have you running in longer intervals followed by recoveries. You will use your aerobic system to build stamina and improve your longer-running goals.

Stride Bootcamp Glutes + Thighs (Day 8)
This workout is a high-impact glutes- and thighs-focused class half on your treadmill and half strength training. Bootcamp Glutes and Thighs is a great way to kick your metabolism into gear, and keep you ready to go, all day long.

Hill Sprints (Day 9 + 21)
The focus of Hill Sprints is short bursts of high-intensity speeds followed by low-intensity recovery time on an incline. Designed to build strength and speed, these workouts are a sure way to leave you feeling invigorated and empowered.

Walking (Day 10, 17 + 20)
Walking is a low-impact class that will strengthen your entire body as you ascend inclines that challenge your cardiovascular fitness.

Sprint Runs (Days 13, 15 + 16)
During Sprint Runs, you’ll engage in short bursts of high-intensity speeds followed by low-intensity recovery time. This workout will challenge your anaerobic system to improve agility and power.


The 20x22 Challenge for Echelon Stride is available on-demand on January 1, 2022.


20x22 Challenge for Row

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Speed Rows (Days 1, 5 + 13)
High-intensity Speed Rows are classes that provide a workout in shorter intervals, with a greater stroke rating to train and maintain anaerobic strength and fitness.

Low Impact Rows (Days 2, 9, 10 + 18)
Low Impact Rows focus on form, technique, and execution. You’ll work through a combination of milder resistance and moderate-intensity drills to help build baseline fitness levels and promote active recovery.

Fusion Rows (Days 3, 4, 6, 7, 15, 17 + 22)
Blended class formats with no floor exercises, Fusion Rows are a medley of our favorite drills—strength, power, and sprints—to train various metabolic pathways and increase agility.

Power Rows (Days 8, 20 + 21)
Power Rows are high-intensity, interval classes that focus on speed, drag (resistance), and time to increase strength and stamina, and spike post-workout metabolic activity. These workouts are the place where power is generated at the intersection of resistance and stroke rate.

Row Bootcamp (Days 11, 12, 14 + 19)
Row Bootcamp classes focus on intense rowing and vigorous bodyweight floor exercises designed to enhance muscular endurance and increase strength and agility on and off the rower.


The 20x22 Challenge for Row is available on-demand on January 1, 2022.


Try Something New in 2022

Start your year with a new experience. If you can commit to 20-minute classes for 22 days, you can find your new favorite classes. Maybe you’ll discover a love of boxing or a passion for rhythm runs — now is the time to challenge your routine.

New to Echelon? The 10-Day Boost challenges and other exclusive classes are available toEchelon Premier members on the Echelon Fit app. Join the Echelon community and see what you can accomplish in 10 days!