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Our line-up of experienced instructors will coach you through every movement and empower you to keep pushing forward. Find the one who motivates you to move!

  • Yoga with Ryn
    30 Minutes

  • Yoga with Ryn
    30 Minutes

  • Yoga with Nikita
    30 Seconds

  • Stretch with Nicole
    30 Seconds

  • Stretch with Jama
    30 Seconds

  • Stretch with Eden
    30 Second

  • Strength with Teresa
    30 Seconds

  • Strength with Sam
    30 Seconds

  • Strength with Michael
    30 Minutes

  • Run with Sam
    30 Seconds

  • Run with Janet
    30 Seconds

  • Run with Jaime
    30 Seconds

  • Row with Michael
    30 Seconds

  • Row with Eden
    30 Seconds

  • Row with Amber
    30 Seconds

  • HIIT with Ryn
    30 Seconds

  • HIIT with Janet
    30 Seconds

  • HIIT with Jaime
    30 Seconds

  • Ride with Jama
    30 Seconds

  • Run with Dani
    30 Seconds


Unleash Epic Echelon Workouts, Dominate the Leaderboard, and Track Every Metric on Your Big Screen.


  • "I have felt every emotion on the bike. I have laughed, cried, had fun, partied. It has helped me get through some tough times and I’m thankful for this community."

  • "Echelon has changed my life for the better. Since I got the bike I've lost over 100 pounds, I no longer take medication for blood sugar, my blood pressure is dramatically lower, and so are the meds, and I no longer have issues standing or walking. I feel like a new person and I doubt I would have accomplished this without Echelon."

  • "I have felt every emotion on the bike. I have laughed, cried, had fun, partied. It has helped me get through some tough times and I’m thankful for this community."

  • "I have felt every emotion on the bike. I have laughed, cried, had fun, partied. It has helped me get through some tough times and I’m thankful for this community."

  • "I’ve always been relatively active but the echelon community and things like the echelon challenges have taken my commitment to my own fitness to a higher level. Jama Oliver’s weekend roundup series has single-handedly made me more flexible. The energy that the instructors bring to classes ... have inspired me and lifted my mood over and over. And the friendships I’ve made with key leaderboard friends are invaluable."

  • "I am motivated every morning to get up and do fitpass or a class because of the encouragement that the instructors give us. I love running with Sam. I love rowing and fitpass with Eden."

  • "I have 2 rare muscle diseases which totally changed my life. I expected to be wheelchair bound by 50. Not only am I not wheel-bound but I’m in the best shape of my life since my diagnosis in 2015"

  • "I want to get on the bike. I look forward to being inspired by the instructors - especially Dani, Nicole, Jama, and Janet. I have met and ridden with incredible, supportive people. I love the community."

  • "Since joining Echelon I have lost over 80 pounds, and just finished a full marathon in October!"

  • "I have now created a consistent, healthy habit of exercise. Echelon has changed my mindset about what being healthy really is about. It’s not how much I weigh or what size the tag is inside my jeans - it’s showing up for myself and getting movement in!"

  • "What started out as wanting to find a work out I could stick with has turned into a mindset change. Jama, my favorite instructor, always says “you’re stronger than you think you are”, and I have finally started to believe that."

  • "I feel better, stronger, and healthier. I have more energy and can’t wait to get on the bike. But something I love even more is that my kids see the change in us. They see the value of moving our bodies and we’re instilling good habits in them early!"

  • "Across my young life I was always an athlete. I assumed at 37 that phase of my life had ended until I started training with Dani. Not only did I lose 75 COVID and maternity pounds, but I could feel a part of my athlete mentality coming back. I was pushing myself, setting goals, and enjoying the challenge of working out in a way that I hadn’t in a very long time."

  • "I am more confident and stronger. I’m in the best shape of my life because of this platform. My 40’s have been wonderful years."

  • "It's incredible really. I went from completely sedentary to someone who is incredibly active. My leisure time is spent working out, running around with the kids, and always finding new recipes with lots of veggies (I've tried some from Jama's Pinterest board too!)!"

  • "It has given me so much confidence in myself. I am so much stronger because of Echelon. My kids see me working out and they love to jump in a squat with me or stretch with me lol!"

  • "I bought a bike but gained a family - have met online and in person so many awesome people that I otherwise would not have gotten to know."

  • "Echelon has made me a healthier version of myself, not just physically but mentally as well. I know that after every workout, short or long, I feel empowered, happy and excited to be living my life. My endurance for activities outside of echelon has increased as well, I take on much harder and longer hikes with my two dogs and can get through my long work days at the hospital much easier."


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