Take Echelon Outside with Guided Outdoor Runs & Walks

Take Echelon Outside with Guided Outdoor Runs & Walks

Enjoy the warmer temperatures and sunshine by taking Echelon outside with our Outdoor Runs & Walks. Our instructors guide each audio-only workout, and all classes are available on-demand, so they are ready to go whenever you are!

Where can I find Outdoor Runs & Walks?

All Outdoor Runs & Walks are available on-demand in a dedicated row in the “Run” section of the Echelon Fit® app. 

What types of classes are available?

We have four different formats for our Outdoor Runs & Walks: Endurance, Intervals, Sprints, and Walking. The length of the classes varies and includes 20-minute, 30-minute, and 45-minute workouts.

Outdoor Run - Endurance 
Endurance Runs have you running in longer intervals followed by recoveries. You will use your aerobic system to build stamina and improve your longer-running goals. Audio only.

Outdoor Run - Intervals
Interval Runs are broken into 60-second to 3-minute intervals of intermediate-intensity (sprints or running) followed by active recoveries (jog or walking). You will use your aerobic and anaerobic systems to build both power and endurance. Audio only.

Outdoor Run - Sprints
During Sprints, you’ll engage in short bursts of high-intensity speeds followed by low-intensity recovery time. This workout will challenge your anaerobic system to improve agility and power. Audio only.

Outdoor Walk
Walking is a low-impact class that will strengthen your entire body as you ascend inclines that challenge your cardiovascular fitness. Audio only.

When can I start?

Outdoor Runs & Walks are available June 1, 2022 for Echelon Premier Members. No fitness equipment is required!

New to Echelon? Join our community and enjoy Outdoor Runs & Walks and thousands of other on- and off-equipment classes!