Fall 2023 Series Schedule | Oct 23 - Jan 14

Fall 2023 Series Schedule | Oct 23 - Jan 14

Get ready for the Fall 2023 special series! Join us starting October 23 for 12 weeks of confidence-boosting workouts. Echelon Fit is here to help you feel your best through the holidays. See you on the leaderboard!

Subject to change at any time.


NEW Bands & Balance 

Join us for our "Bands and Balance" fitness class where Jama will lead an all-band total body strength session to sculpt and tone every muscle group. Afterward, experience a unique fusion of Vinyasa yoga with light weights, designed to enhance your balance and flexibility, leaving you feeling strong and centered.

Jama | Tue 8:00 AM | Strength Total Body - 20
Ryn | Thur 8:00 AM | Yoga Fusion - 20

Yoga and Beyond

Discover the world of Yoga and Beyond in our weekly restorative class with Ryn. Unwind, rejuvenate, and explore the limitless possibilities of relaxation and self-discovery.

Ryn | Wed 9:00 AM | Yoga Restorative - 30

Dumbbell Beats

You bring the (dumb)bells, Reed will bring the beats! Move your body to the rhythm of the music while toning your body.

Reed Mon 4:30 PM Strength Upper - 20
Reed Wed 4:30 PM Strength Lower - 20

NEW Mobility & Muscle

Join us for a week of "Mobility and Muscle" fitness classes, where from Monday to Friday, we'll target your lower body on Mondays and Thursdays, and your upper body on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for strength and toning. Finish off the week with a Friday total body class dedicated to improving your flexibility and overall mobility, leaving you feeling strong and agile.

Jaime | Mon 10:00 AM | Strength - 20
Jaime | Mon 10:30 AM | Mobility - 10
Ryn Tue 10:00 AM Strength Total Body - 20
Ryn Tue 10:30 AM HIIT - 10
Ryn Wed 10:00 AM Strength Upper - 20 
Ryn Wed 10:30 AM Mobility - 10
Eden Thur 10:00 AM Strength Total Body - 20 
Eden Thur 10:30 AM HIIT - 10
Nicole Fri 10:00 AM Strength Core - 20 
Nicole Fri 10:30 AM Mobility - 10  

NEW Kickstart to Fit

Join Janet for our "Kickstart to Fit" class, where she'll lead you through a session targeting both upper and lower body strength before guiding you into a stretch to promote flexibility and relaxation. This class is the perfect way to kickstart your fitness journey and leave you feeling revitalized.

Janet Wed 7:00 AM Strength Upper Body - 10
Janet Wed 7:15 AM Strength Lower Body - 10
Janet Wed 7:30 AM Stretch - 10

NEW Swing & Shred

Get ready to unleash your inner warrior and experience the ultimate badassery in our 45-minute Kettlebell Bootcamp class with Michael and Jaime! This high-intensity workout, featuring kettlebell exercises, will push your limits, challenge your strength, and leave you feeling empowered like never before.

Michael Mon 6:00 AM Total Body Strength - 45
Jaime Wed 6:00 AM Total Body Strength - 45

Weekend Roundup

What’s the weekend without the Weekend Roundup with Jama and Michael? This four-part circuit is meant to be taken back to back and combines full-body strength training, bodyweight cardio, and recovery.

Jama | Sat 11:00 AM | Strength Upper Body - 10
Jama | Sat 11:15 AM | Strength Lower Body - 10
Jama | Sat 11:30 AM | Strength Core - 10
Jama | Sat 11:45 AM | Stretch Total Body - 10
Michael | Sun 11:00 AM | Strength Upper Body - 10
Michael | Sun 11:15 AM | Strength Lower Body - 10
Michael | Sun 11:30 AM | Strength Core - 10
Michael | Sun 11:45 AM | Stretch Total Body - 10

Solo Strength

Unlock the power within your body in Solo Power, the ultimate unilateral strength program. Strengthen and balance each side individually, achieving enhanced stability and a more resilient physique for an all-around empowered you!

Michael Mon 7:00 AM Strength Upper Body - 20
Sam Wed 8:30 AM Strength Lower Body - 20  

NEW Sports Conditioning

Join Sam for the Sports Conditioning Total Body class designed to enhance your strength, agility, cardiovascular fitness, and flexibility. Sam will guide you through sports-inspired drills and functional movements, helping you elevate your overall physical performance and achieve your fitness goals.

Sam Thur 11:30 AM Strength Total Body - 20 


NEW Friday Flow

Spend your Friday with Sam in a calming 20-minute Restorative Yoga class, where you'll experience gentle poses and relaxation techniques to help you unwind and set a tranquil tone for your weekend.

Sam Fri 6:00 AM Yoga Restorative - 20 

NEW Core Power

Join Janet and Jaime for Sculpt & Surge, the ultimate fitness class that combines strength training with a core-blasting finisher. Sculpt and tone your muscles with a challenging strength workout, then fire up your core with targeted exercises for a complete and energizing fitness experience.

Jaime Mon 8:00 AM Strength Arms & Abs - 30
Jaime Mon 8:45 AM Core Finisher - 5
Janet Wed 8:00 AM Strength Glutes & Thighs - 20
Janet Wed 8:30 AM Core Finisher - 5

NEW Strength Unleashed

Unleash your inner strength with our "Strength Unleashed" fitness class! Jama will guide you through an invigorating arms and abs workout, while Ryn focuses on glutes and thighs, followed by a blissful stretching session to leave you feeling both powerful and relaxed.

Jama Tue 9:00 AM Strength Arms & Abs - 20
Jama | Tue 9:30 AM Stretch UB - 10
Ryn Thur 9:00 AM Strength Glutes & Thighs - 20
Ryn | Thur 9:30 AM Stretch LB - 10

Dumbbell Beats

Work out to the beat of the music with Barbell Beats! Join Marc and Reed as they bring the beats while you bring the (dumb)bells. Tone and sculpt your body as you move to the rhythm, combining music and fitness for a fun and effective class.

Reed Tue 4:30 PM Strength Lower - 20
Reed Tue 5:00 PM Finisher Lower - 10
Marc Fri 4:30 PM Strength Upper - 20
Marc Fri 5:00 PM Finisher Upper - 10

Yoga & Kick

There’s no need to fear, Nikita is here! Every Monday and Friday join Nikita for a body and mind flow, but get ready for the mid week pick me up! Nikita is bringing her passion for kickboxing to the platform!

Nikita Mon 11:30 AM Mobility - 20
Nikita Mon 12:00 PM Yoga - 30
Nikita Wed 9:30 AM Kickboxing - 20
Nikita Fri 9:30 AM Yoga Vinyasa - 30
Nikita Fri 10:15 AM Active Recovery Total Body - 20

Strong Start

 Join Jaime for our Beginner Strength class, led with a focus on proper form and technique. Designed specifically for newcomers to strength training, this class will break down exercises and provide guidance to help you build a strong foundation and develop confidence in your strength journey.

Jaime Wed 12:00 PM Total Body Beginner Strength - 20


Intensify your kettlebell workouts with our Advanced Kettlebell class. Take your strength and coordination to new heights as you master complex movements and combinations. Challenge yourself and experience the exhilaration of pushing beyond your limits in this dynamic and transformative kettlebell workout.

Jaime Wed 12:30 PM Total Body - 20 

Weekend Roundup 

No Sunday's scaries here! We're keeping it cute with Reed! Get yourself energized for the week as you work through a total body strength and HIIT class. After working up a sweat, you earn some time to put the love back in your body with a full body stretch.

Reed | Sun 10:00 AM | Upper - 10
Reed | Sun 10:15 AM | Lower - 10
Reed | Sun 10:30 AM | Core - 10
Reed | Sun 10:45 AM | Stretch - 10

Saturday Sweat

Join us every Saturday for an electrifying double dose of fitness euphoria with Saturday Sweat with Marc & Nikita! Ignite your weekend with back-to-back sessions designed to sculpt your body, elevate your spirits, and make those endorphins dance.

Nikita Sat 8:30 AM Kickboxing - 20
Nikita Sat 9:30 AM Yoga - 20
Marc Sat 11:30 AM Strength - 20
Marc Sat 12:00 PM HIIT - 20