Fitcation Fun with Reed: Planning the Vacation while staying on your fitness journey

Fitcation Fun with Reed: Planning the Vacation while staying on your fitness journey

By Brandon Reed

Welcome to the ultimate guide to "Fitcation Fun" with a twist, curated by none other than Reed, aka ridewithreed – your LitLit instructor from Echelon Fitness! Let's embark on a journey where we strike the perfect balance between vacation relaxation and turning up the fun, all while keeping our fitness journey in mind.

Now, if you’ve taken my class you know that vacations are all about unwinding and indulging, so let's be real – you're not here to hit the gym every day. In fact, Reed's idea of a perfect vacation involves plenty of rest and maybe a little bit of turning up with a drink or two (or three). But hey, that doesn't mean we can't sprinkle in some fun ways to stay active and feel good while we're at it.

That brings me to the first order of business, the week before! While I’m packing and preparing to go on a trip that previous week I am maxing out how many workouts I do. I like to think of it as putting some workouts in my workout bank account. If I do the workouts first I can really chill and relax the following week of my vacation.

Next, let's talk destinations. Reed's all about finding spots that offer a mix of chill vibes and exciting adventures. Whether it's a beachfront retreat, a cozy cabin in the mountains, or a bustling city escape, look for places where you can kick back and relax, but also explore and have a good time.

Now, when it comes to accommodations, think luxury meets leisure. Look for hotels or resorts with top-notch amenities like poolside lounges, spa facilities, and maybe even a rooftop bar for those sunset cocktails. After all, what's a vacation without a little indulgence, right?

And let's not forget about the itinerary – or lack thereof. Reed's motto? Keep it loose, keep it fun. Instead of scheduling every minute of your day with workouts and sightseeing tours, leave room for spontaneity. Take leisurely strolls along the beach, hop on a bike and explore the local scene, or simply lounge by the pool with a tropical drink in hand.

Now, here's where we walk on the edge a bit. Reed knows that part of the vacation experience is treating yourself – whether it's with a decadent dessert, a fancy cocktail, or an extra hour of sleep. So go ahead, indulge a little, and don't be afraid to joke about rewarding yourself for all that hard work you've been doing back home. After all, balance is key – and Reed's all about living life to the fullest, both on and off the bike.

In conclusion, "Fitcation Fun" with Reed is all about embracing the vacation mindset –preparation before the trip, then relaxation, indulgence, and a whole lot of fun. So Keep it Cute, kick back, enjoy yourself, and don't forget to share those Insta-worthy moments with your followers. After all, life's too short not to live it up, Reed-style!