Learn the Fundamentals of Running

Learn the Fundamentals of Running

Running is a great cardiovascular exercise, but having the proper foundation is essential for a safe, effective workout. We designed our new “Intro to Running” program to help runners of all levels perfect the running basics and master the four key aspects of running: endurance, speed, power, and incline.

Our instructor Sam Jackson designed the program, and it also includes classes led by Amber Harper and Jaime Wilbanks.

Who is this for?

Everyone! “It is so important for all levels of runners to learn and perfect the running basics — body position, arm drive, foot strike, and cadence,” says Sam. Mastering the basics will help prevent injury and maximize the efficiency of your workout. Because the classes are only 10 minutes, beginners don’t need to be intimidated, and experienced runners can easily add it to their current training routine.

Where can I find it?

“Intro to Running” is a series of on-demand classes in the “Run” section of the Echelon Fit App. All the classes are in the “Run” section, even the active-recovery, off-equipment classes.

(Echelon Premier Membership is required.)

What should I expect?

gif of instructors running on the Echelon Stride treadmill with text overlay: Week 1 basic, Week 2 endurance, Week 3 speed & endurance, Week 4 speed

“Intro to Running” is a four-week program consisting of 10-minute daily classes. Four days of the week will be on the treadmill, two are active recovery, and one is a dedicated day for rest. Sam advises everyone to start from the beginning, regardless of experience, because every class progresses from the day before. She adds, “makes sure not to skip the active recovery and rest days!”

By the end of the program, runners should feel confident that they can take longer running classes. Sam assures that after the four weeks, runners “should be able to run a mile and build the four key aspects of running: endurance, speed, power, and cadence.”

Are you ready to run?

If you want to be a runner but don’t know where to start or wish for more efficient running workouts, the “Intro to Running” program will get you where you want to go. Head over to the Echelon Fit app and start your running journey today!

New to Echelon? The “Intro to Running” program is available with the Echelon Premier Membership, and pairing with the Echelon Stride treadmill will give you the best experience. Join the Echelon community and see how our classes can help you reach your fitness goals.