Look Who's Talking About the Echelon EX-5s

Woman in purple workout set with text "why they love the EX-5s"

Why the Echelon EX-5s Connect Bike?

The Echelon EX-5s Connect Bike offers an immersive workout experience by pairing state-of-the-art technology with fitness equipment. Featuring a built-in 22” Class HD touchscreen, competition-style seat, and ergonomic bullhorn handlebars, the EX-5s  is designed for those who are ready to explore what connected fitness has to offer while mimicking the feel of a traditional road bike. We aren’t the only ones who love the EX-5s! Check out what others are saying about their EX-5s experience.*

Josh Groban + the Property Brothers

@PropertyBrothers instagram post featuring the Echelon EX-5s Connect Bike


@JoshGroban’s bandmate and friend, Mark, cycles three times a day but was riding an old-fashioned stationary bike. As part of the renovation on @PropertyBrothers Celebrity IOU, his dated bike was upgraded to an Echelon EX-5s Connect Bike!

Chris - @TheChrisCWise 


“The community support is everything! I don't know about y'all but having a community or simply working out with others motivates me and pushes me to go harder. Anyone else like that? This bike is literally a dream come true…” - @TheChrisCWise

Jessica - @HappilyHughes


“I am HOOKED! This @echelon.fit EX-5s fits perfectly in our little place and makes working from home/distance learning and fitting a workout in SO much easier.” - @HappilyHughes

Alexis - @OneFitCoconut 


“The @echelon.fit trainers are engaging, the app is so easy to use (took me no time to figure it out), and they even have a FB community that welcomes you with open arms.” - @OneFitCoconut

Le - @FitFoodieLe


“I’m rocking with the @echelon.fit EX-5s Connect bike and I start my mornings with an on-demand or live class taught by experienced, world-class instructors!” - @FitFoodieLe

Maria - @StyleAndAmor  


“This bike has truly changed me mentally and physically. It also changes my attitude daily and allows me to have a positive outlook. I like to call it my morning coffee!” - @StyleAndAmor

JP - @JZPThomas 


“My Echelon EX-5s Connect Bike has completely changed the way I view fitness...Being able to compete against others on the Leaderboard definitely brings out my competitive side, but it pushes me to go even harder with my ride." - @JZPThomas

*Influencers received their equipment free of charge