Look Who's Talking About the Echelon Row-s

Look Who's Talking About the Echelon Row-s

Why the Echelon Row-s?

If you are looking for a workout that seamlessly blends cardio and strength, look no further than a rower. Rowing machines provide a low-impact cardiovascular workout that also use up to 86% of your muscles  making rowing a top choice for people looking for one workout that checks all the boxes. The Echelon Row-s Connected Rowing Machine has a 22" HD screen that provides an immersive rowing experience and handle bar resistance shifters so you can quickly increase or decrease the difficulty level of your row. We aren't the only ones that love the Row-s! Check out what others are saying about their Row-s experience.*


I love adding this to my training (rowing is a really great cross-training option for yoga!) and feel myself gaining some serious strength and endurance. -Amber


I've added a new player to my home workout team...and this one is a super star! I've been using the Echelon Row-s for a few weeks now and I'm so excited to share it with you! It's been the perfect addition as it incorporates a full-body, LOW IMPACT yet, high intensity workout! -Jenn


Recently added this beauty to our home gym and I can see why it's considered their most advanced rower yet....It's definitely upgraded our workouts to a whole new level. -Linh


The class levels move from beginning to advance and the instructors focus on teaching proper technique which is so important with a rowing machine. The classes are fun and engaging and there’s a community aspect so I never feel like I’m at home by myself working out. -Sapna




One of my favorite rowing classes is the scenic view of Dubai which gets my heart pumping but also disconnects me from work, social media and my toddler's demands! LOL I am definitely a more patient, relaxed and focused person when I am done with one of my rowing exercises. -Nicole

Are you ready to get rowing?  Get your Row-s now!

*Influencers received their equipment free of charge.