Member Tips on How To Achieve Fitness Goals

Member Tips on How To Achieve Fitness Goals

Echelon members are well-versed in achieving fitness goals, so we've gathered their best advice for anyone aiming to take their wellness journey to new heights. Their valuable tips touch on consistency, community support, mindset shift, incorporating fitness into daily life and staying motivated during tough times.

Whether you are a beginner in the fitness world or a seasoned professional, these suggestions can help you maximize your workouts, make sustainable lifestyle changes, and ultimately achieve your fitness goals. Stay tuned to discover fitness secrets directly from our successful Echelon members. 

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Consistency is Key

Many comments emphasize the importance of consistency in achieving fitness goals. This involves showing up regularly, even on days when it's challenging, and making small, consistent efforts.

Consistency is key. Choose your “why” and remind yourself daily that health and fitness is a lifestyle, not a goal to reach that can be dropped yet maintained. On the overwhelming days, just do one thing towards your goal, and then the next day do one more thing. Never quit on a bad day- and always reach out to the community when you need to vent or celebrate. We are here for it all! @JazzyPants


Don't give up, Keep moving. It's ok to have days when you don't go all out and it's OK to not feel like giving it your all. Listen to your body! Somedays I just need to relax and focus on yoga or foam rolling. Other days I need Michael Brown to kick my butt! And thank god for the low impact classes. @JVegas


Keep doing it no matter what! @Quags 


Just do it.. do it one day at a time and keep with it. @MegsBee


One day, one ride at a time. @Sweaver


Consistency is key! Do it even when you don’t want to even if it’s just something small! @Spinning4margs


Just keep coming back! @B-Mac


Never quit, keep going. @YaYa


Show up, show up and when you least want to, show up. @HairyPenguin


Stick with it. When an instructor tells you to go to 22, do it! I might be slow there, but it makes me stronger in the end! @WindOhRider


Turn up and your best. Try everything that is offered @Churchchickens


Show up. Show up sad, show up when you don’t feel like it, show up happy, but show up!! @GhostGal


The importance of being kind to oneself is a recurring theme. Participants are encouraged not to get discouraged, to focus on personal progress, and to listen to their bodies. The idea is to foster a positive mindset and avoid self-judgment.

Don't get discouraged with progress, take photos and compare, photos are more telling than a scale, be kind to yourself, take rest days, listen to the instructors advice during rides and workouts- they have TONS of amazing advice for all levels. Mostly have fun, join groups, interact and find your tribe! @JessieB


You do you. You work at your level for your goals and take it one day at a time. @KindnessIsFree


Don't beat yourself up if you miss a day or a week or a month. When you are ready, the community is ready to welcome you back. @SweatsGalore


Be consistent, be yourself and remember no one is perfect it is ok to miss a workout @FitMom


Don’t compare yourself to others, work on improving your own fitness goals and milestones @Sailorgirl

Community Support

Building a sense of community is highlighted in multiple comments. Members are encouraged to find their "tribe," interact with others, and seek support from the community when needed. This includes reaching out to instructors, joining groups, and connecting with fellow members on social media.

One day at a time! Reach out to others in the FB groups and find a group of people to support. @HealthyCat


Get involved with the Facebook groups! Build a community of friends on the leaderboard. Post about your milestones “big” or “small”. Remember it’s your progress and you are not competing with anyone else. @SpinninRN


Get involved! Don’t let the screen between us hold you back from connecting with other riders/rowers/striders. Post your wins and setbacks in the community pages or join in on step/activity challenges. If you need ideas, reach out to the community! While most of us focus on sharing our successes, there will be setbacks. There will be days you don’t want to make those health deposits, but those are the most important days. Keep with it, find your way back, share your struggles, cry on the bike, find a way to use exercise for healing. That’s what has kept me going for 3 years. @SaraSpins


Fully immerse yourself in this awesome community. Ask questions, cheer on fellow team members. It takes a village to survive and this little village I am apart of has helped me grow in so many ways. @HattieJ


Listen to the instructors, ask for help when needed, enjoy yourself, and just have fun. Join one of the numerous instructor or team groups for fun and shenanigans. @ElPadre


Find Your Tribe - there is an instructor or a group for almost anyone in the echelon community. 2. Be Willing to Work on Weaknesses - my flexibility was terrible pre-echelon. But I committed to doing a 5 or 10 minute stretch class every workout and that’s made a big difference. 3. Remember to Show Gratitude to Anyone Who Helps You Along the Way - Instructors, fellow riders, friends and family all have been part of my fitness journey. A leaderboard high five or a thank you on a social media post go a long way to spreading positivity and letting people know they made a difference for you. @BrianDC


Get involved in the community it is a game changer @Kidsanddogs


Find your tribe of echelon people. They are all so supportive and will help you to get there.


The bike seat gets more comfortable. And interact. Find your tribe through Social media and be part of groups and challenges. @FrisbeeDogMom

Mindset Shift

There is an emphasis on shifting the mindset from viewing exercise as a chore to seeing it as a positive and enjoyable activity. The idea is to find joy in the journey and appreciate the opportunity to move and be active.

You never regret a ride so just get on the bike! @Pedals_4_Pinot


Something stuck with me that Jama said recently (and its been echoed by multiple instructors in different ways, which I think is what makes them all so great) - but don't do this to punish your body, do this to see what your body can do, be proud of yourself for moving and be thankful that you get to! "You don't have to do this, you get to!" A change in mindset is the most important thing (in my opinion) when it comes to athletic activity. When I stopped seeing it as work and and something fun I got to do, I actually *wanted* to do it! @LeahBia


Stay engaged! You'll get out, what you put in. @LindsRock

Setting and Adjusting Goals

Setting realistic, achievable goals is encouraged. The comments stress the importance of setting both short-term and long-term goals. Additionally, members are advised to adjust their goals as needed and not to compare their progress to others.

Try every instructor, start at the beginning series. @StrokeWarrior82620


Focus on each day. Plan your workouts so you can’t back out of them! Find friends on the leaderboard that help motivate you. Find you favorite instructors and listen to them! @KamiLouWho


Set realistic goals, both short term and long term - it is a marathon, not a sprint so ride for you and no one else. Comparison is the thief of joy - so swipe the leaderboard away and focus on you @SteveK


Also, set goals for yourself. I’ll never forget the row class where one of the instructors asked us what we were working towards. At that point I was down to my goal weight and on auto-pilot, just going through the motions. I’d also been listening to Eden’s race-recaps in class and it was in that moment I decided I wanted that feeling and that I wanted to start running. @SaraSpins


Keep coming back when you first start and before you know it you will be looking forward to your workouts. I like to plan mine out at the beginning of the week and add them to the calendar on my phone. @Metalmom


It doesn’t take long to do a workout and that builds a really good daily habit @Diabeticrider

Trying New Things

Participants are encouraged to explore different classes, instructors, and formats. Trying new activities and pushing personal boundaries is seen as a way to keep things interesting and discover one's preferences.

Be consistent. Echelon has something for everyone. Keep trying different classes and instructors. Show up even when you don’t feel like it! Make it fun! @CBam


Just try it! Just try that cadence that seems way too fast or that resistance that seems way too high. You are probably stronger than you think you are, too! @QuesoQueen


Have fun! Try new things and find instructors that you vibe with and you’ll soon be looking forward to your next workout! @Michelle_71


Take your time, try out new classes, new instructors, new formats, and see what resonates. @SweatsGalore


Try a variety of classes, try out all the instructors, make sure to interact on official Echelon FB page as well as all the instructors FB page and reach out to other members via social media platforms @Pegpower


Find your tribe. Try out all the class types and lengths. You may be surprised with what you can do. @StephH

Engagement with Instructors and Community

Interacting with instructors and fellow community members is highlighted. This involves seeking advice, expressing achievements and setbacks, and participating in challenges or group activities.

Show up! It's not easy, but it's worth it! Find an accountability partner. Stick to a schedule as best you can. Keep moving forward. @BrookieCookie


Buy into everything this community has to offer @Mammamannerz


#1 is find your tribe! Everyone is here to encourage you. #2 is you do you! Don’t compare your journey with others. #3 s reach out to instructors to make a connection! They are amazing and really care about everyone achieving their goals. Seriously, they are the best people ever. @HeyJude


Don’t be afraid to reach out to other members in the community and set small achievable goals @Val-O


Lock arms with a few people you see on the leaderboard that take the same classes as you. Reach out to and instructor and tell them you’ll be in their live class the next day! @AngstyLawyer


Keep pushing toward your milestones. Interact with the instructors on social media. They are all amazing support systems and motivators. @JerseyPunk


Just go on every day. There is a class and an instructor for everyone. It’s the best community with instructors who care @MegSox


Find an instructor that speaks to you and motivates you- for me that’s Lindsay- she is always upbeat @Michellecam

Motivation and Encouragement

Members are encouraged to find motivation within themselves, take it one day at a time, and focus on personal improvement rather than competition with others. Encouragement is given to keep going, even on difficult days.

Keep going. When it’s hard, get on and try your best - you’re doing awesome just by showing up. And if you can’t make it live, still get on because you’re doing it for you! Be proud of you!!! @AnnetteCA


Just keep pedaling, it’s that simple. It doesn’t matter or hard or easy you go. Just keep going and you get to yours goals. @JillMichelle


The journey isn’t linear but it is so worth it-you’ll find your instructor, you’ll find your community and you may just find yourself a little bit more @Ellesee88


Don’t quit. Show up and try to be better than YOU were yesterday! The only person that they are competing with is themselves. @KellyNick


Do it till you love it. Just do it and all the sudden you’ll find yourself wanting to do it instead of just needing to do it. @Christina🤍

Incorporating Fitness into Daily Life

There's an emphasis on integrating fitness into daily routines, making it a habit. Suggestions include planning workouts ahead, incorporating family into the fitness journey, and making exercise a positive part of daily life.

For moms specifically I would say show up for yourself and bring your family along with you. I’m a stay at home mom of a 3 and 5 year old. I allowed that to be an excuse for why I wasn’t active. Bring your kids into the journey with you. My kids will do jumping jacks while I ride my bike. Buy a bike and put it in your play room or facing a window you can see your kids playing outside and do a ride! Nicole once said “your kids will see the work you are doing and you are teaching them healthy habits”. That changed my view of choosing fitness as a positive! Sometimes as moms we feel guilty when we put effort into something for ourselves. Guilt doesn’t belong in your health journey! @Nicnac_chattychatt


As a physician, I am encouraging all my patients to exercise on a daily basis. There should be a blend of cardio, strength, stretching and yes even meditation. We are only given one life, one body. We are responsible for that body. Treat it with care and it will take you to great places.@Rxingselfcare