New Echelon Row Summer Schedule

New Echelon Row Summer Schedule

We’re thrilled to share our new summer schedule for our Smart Rowing Machines launch May 16. The consistency of our summer schedule allows members to plan their regular weekly workout routine. 

Our live class schedule is below, followed by Echelon Row class types, so you are ready to row. We’ll see you on the Leaderboard! 


Echelon Row Summer Schedule 


Echelon Row Summer Schedule 2022 infographic


Echelon Row Class Types

Learn about our different class types to find the right workout for your routine!

Beginner Rows
Beginner Rows are great introduction classes and a terrific place to start for anyone new to the sport of rowing.

Cool Down Rows
Let your heart rate slow down and recover in this short cool down class.

Endurance Rows
Endurance Rows combine low intensity with a long, steady rowing experience, helping to build aerobic stamina, improve technique, and increase muscle oxidation. 

Fusion Rows
Blended class formats with no floor exercises, Fusion Rows are a medley of our favorite drills — strength, power, and sprints — to train various metabolic pathways and increase agility.

Low Impact Rows
Low Impact Rows focus on form, technique, and execution. You’ll work through a combination of milder resistance and moderate-intensity drills to help build baseline fitness levels and promote active recovery.

Power Rows
Power Rows are high-intensity, interval classes that focus on speed, drag (resistance), and time to increase strength and stamina, and spike post-workout metabolic activity. These workouts are the place where power is generated at the intersection of resistance and stroke rate.

Row Bootcamp
Row Bootcamp classes focus on intense rowing and vigorous bodyweight floor exercises designed to enhance muscular endurance and increase strength and agility on and off the rower.

Scenic Rows
Scenic Rows are self-guided workout sessions during which your screen displays a moving video of rowing a body of water, instead of an instructor leading the class.

Speed Rows
High-intensity Speed Rows are classes that provide a workout in shorter intervals, with a greater stroke rating to train and maintain anaerobic strength and fitness.

Warm Up Rows
Get your body ready to work out in this quick warm up class.

Ready to Row?

Echelon Row classes are available for Echelon Premier Members through the Echelon Fit® app. Now is the perfect time to discover your new favorite way to row!