New FitPass Class: Intro to Breakin'

New FitPass Class: Intro to Breakin'

Dance your way through cardio classes in the “Intro to Breakin’” series with Sergio “Zeku” Garcia. Breakin' (widely know as breakdancing) workouts are accessible for all experience levels. Each class will teach you moves and build up your skills until you’re ready to put it all together in fun sequences. 

Instructor Zeku demonstrates a dance move in Intro to Breakin'

We chatted with Zeku to learn more about this new FitPass experience.

What is Breakin’?

According to Zeku, “Breakin’ is a form of expression.” It is a style of dance that came from the streets, and now it’s reaching platforms like the Olympic Games in 2024. During breakin’ classes, Zeku will allow you to freely express yourself and be who you are without judgment, all while getting a great cardio workout. 

Do I Need to Be a Dancer?

No! Just because Zeku can casually do a backflip doesn’t mean that everyone needs to! Zeku emphasizes that there is “no need to be scared, I’m here to teach you. You can learn this even if you have two left feet!”

When Can I Start?

The "Intro to Breakin’" series is available on-demand now on FitPass. Breakin’ classes range from 5-25 minutes and are a fun way to incorporate cardio into your fitness routine!