Reflect Spring Schedule

Reflect Spring Schedule

We are excited to bring you the spring cycle of our special Reflect series for 2023. Starting May 8 and over the next 8 weeks, we want you to use these classes to focus on the importance of being mindful as you workout. Both mentally and physically. Its all about finding efficiency in your workouts. Focus on your form and identify specific goals you have so that you work smarter and cross your finish line!

Subject to change at any time.


Strength & Flow

Start your week with a firey total body strength class with Dani. You'll feel fired up and strong to handle your week. End the week with a movement flow Yoga with Sam. You'll feel relaxed and in the best state of mind to enjoy your weekend.

Monday, 6 AM ET - Strength 20 - Total Body | Dani

Friday, 6 AM ET - Yoga 20 | Sam

Recommended Equipment:  1 set Dumbbells and a long band


Push & Pull

We're all about bringing balance going into the summer months. This combination of push/pull will have your body feeling balanced, strong, and in control. You might want to block some time off your calendar for the week! You'll want to make sure you can get in both each week!

Monday, 8:30 AM ET - Strength 20 - Total Body Push | Dani

Wednesday, 8:30 AM ET - Strength 20 - Total Body Pull | Sam

Recommended Equipment:  2 sets of Dumbbells 


Quick 10

It's quick, but the job gets done! Jama and Reed will take you through a 3 part circuit that is meant to be taken back-to-back to give you a little bit of everything, done in a quick 10!

Tuesday, 9 AM ET - Strength 10 - Glutes & Thighs | Jama

Tuesday, 9:15 AM ET - Strength 10 - Core | Jama

Tuesday, 9:30 AM ET - Strength 10 - Lower Body | Jama

Thursday, 9 AM ET - Strength 10 - Arm & Abs | Reed

Thursday, 9:15 AM ET - Strength 10 - Core | Reed

Thursday, 9:30 AM ET - Strength 10 - Upper Body | Reed

Recommended Equipment:  1 set Dumbbells and a Slamball 


Barre Burn

Drawing from pilates, yoga, strength training, and dance, you will combine micro-movements and repetition with a rotating body part focus. Get ready to feel the burn throughout this 8-week program!

Tuesday, 2 PM ET - Barre 30 - Total Body | Marie

Thursday, 12:30 PM ET - Barre 30 - Total Body | Marie


Abs, Abs, Abs

Get ready to get hardcore abs with Reed! Take this as a challenge. One day a week for 8 weeks. Feel those abs getting stronger each week!

Thursday, 7:30 AM ET - Strength 20 - Core | Reed

Recommended Equipment:  1 set Dumbbells and Ab Wheel 


Weeknight Warrior

Get ready for Weeknight with Reed & Manny! These upper and lower body classes are the perfect complement to your Connect, Stride, and Row classes!

Tuesday, 4:30 PM ET - Strength 20 - Lower Body | Reed

Tuesday, 5 PM ET - Strength 10 - Lower Body | Reed

Friday, 4:30 PM ET - Strength 20 - Upper Body | Manny

Friday, 5 PM ET - Strength 10 - Upper Body | Manny

Recommended Equipment:  2 sets of Dumbbells


Fearless Flow

There’s no need to fear, Nikita is here! Tune in Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to practice how to flow freely, dive deep, and spring into power!

Monday, 11:30 AM ET - Mobility 20 | Nikita

Monday, 12 PM ET - Yoga 30 | Nikita

Wednesday, 9:30 AM ET - Yoga 20 - Slow Flow | Nikita

Wednesday, 11:30 AM ET - Yoga 30 - Vinyasa | Nikita

Friday, 9:30 AM ET - Yoga 30 - Vinyasa | Nikita

Friday, 10:15 AM ET - Active Recovery 20 - Total Body | Nikita



We've covered the basics, now get ready to take your kettlebell workouts to the next level. You'll learn more complex movements and combinations. The perfect next step in your kettlebell journey. We're bringing our friends EMOM & AMRAP to the workout to really spice things up! Get ready for the heat!

Wednesday, 12 PM ET - Conditioning 20 - Total Body | Jaime

Wednesday, 12:30 PM ET - Conditioning 20 - Core | Jaime

Recommended Equipment:  2 Kettlebells


Strength Sunday

Sunday is all about strength! You’ll focus on form so you are set up for success in your strength training workouts.

Sunday, 9 AM ET - Strength 20 - Alternating | Dani

Recommended Equipment:  2 sets of Dumbbells


Barbell Beats

You bring the (dumb)bells, Nicole will bring the beats! Move your body to the rhythm of the music while toning your body.

Monday, 12 PM ET - Strength 20 - Total Body & Core | Nicole

Recommended Equipment:  2 sets of Dumbbells


Saturday Sweat

We're bringing the triple sweat to Saturday, are you in?! Join Nikita every week to bring your body & soul through movement and flow to start your weekend feeling energized and recovered!

Saturday, 8:30 AM ET - Mobility 20 | Nikita

Saturday, 9:30 AM ET - Active Recovery 20 | Nikita

Saturday, 11 AM ET - Yoga 30  | Nikita


Keep It Cute

No Sunday's scaries here! We're keeping it cute with Reed! Get yourself energized for the week as you work through a total body strength and HIIT class. After working up a sweat, you earn some time to put the love back in your body with a full body stretch.

Sunday, 10 AM ET - Strength 20 - Total Body | Reed

Sunday, 10:30 AM ET - Strength 10 - Total Body | Reed