Start Your Mindfulness Practice with New Challenges

Echelon blog post hero: New Challenges for Mindfulness May

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, we’d like to invite you to participate in Echelon’s Mindfulness May with our two new meditation challenges: Daily 7 Challenge and Meditation Starter Pack.

Meditation is an easy, actionable way to focus on your mental health and start building healthy self-care habits. The benefits of meditation are numerous. Studies show meditation can reduce anxiety, depression, and physical pain as well as generally reducing stress. Mindfulness practices have also been linked to helping with insomnia and improving sleep quality

Join Echelon instructor Nikita as we focus on mindfulness through meditation! This is the perfect time to start a mindfulness practice that will help you throughout the year.

Daily 7 Challenge

The Daily 7 Meditation Challenge is a 7-day challenge to meditate for 7 minutes each day. Every day will introduce a different way to meditate (i.e. fully guided, by visualization, the repeating of a mantra or simply by being still). On the final day of the challenge, members will choose the method of meditation they want to practice. 

Day 1:  Meditation 7 - Guided

Day 2:  Meditation 7 - Intention Setting

Day 3:  Meditation 7 - Mantra

Day 4:  Meditation 7 - Visualization

Day 5:  Meditation 7 - Energy Expansion

Day 6:  Meditation 7 - Stillness & Focus

Day 7:  Meditation - Pick Your Own

Daily 7 Meditation Challenge will be available May 20, 2022 for Echelon Reflect Fitness Mirrors and FitPass on the Echelon Fit® app.

Meditation Starter Pack

The Meditation Starter Pack challenge provides many of the essentials one needs in order to kick off their meditation journey (i.e. daily reset, positive affirmations, mantras, intention setting, etc).

Meditation 5 - Daily Reset

Meditation 10 - De-stress Anytime

Meditation 10 - Uplifting Affirmations

Meditation 10 - Breathing for Calm

Mediation 15 - Mantra

Mediation 20 - Morning Intentions

Meditation 20 - Sleep / Before Bed

Meditation Starter Pack will be available May 20, 2022 for Echelon Reflect Fitness Mirrors and FitPass on the Echelon Fit® app.

Our two meditation challenges are available for Echelon Premier Members on the Echelon Fit® app and on our Reflect Fitness Mirrors. Start prioritizing your mental health today!