Summer 2024 Series Schedule

Summer 2024 Series Schedule

Welcome to the Summer 2024 class series at Echelon Fitness! Kicking off on July 8, our exciting 12-week program is packed with invigorating workout classes crafted to boost your fitness and elevate your confidence. Whether you're a seasoned athlete or just beginning your fitness journey, our diverse class offerings will keep you motivated and on track to achieve your summer health goals.

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*US and Canada only.

What’s New This Summer?

  • Fresh Classes: Dive into our brand-new classes that bring a unique twist to your workout routine.
  • Afternoon Times: Now offering Row, Stride, and Connect classes in the afternoon! Perfect for fitting in a workout during your lunch break or taking advantage of prime time in the UK.
  • Janet is Back! We're thrilled to welcome back Janet to our instructor team, ready to bring her energy and expertise to your workouts.
  • Functional Training with Michael: New to FitPass, Michael’s functional training classes focus on full-body exercises that enhance strength, stability, and overall functional movement.

    Stay Updated:

    • Instructor Time Slot Changes: Our instructors are switching up their schedules! While your favorite instructor may be in a new time slot, it's the perfect opportunity to try something new and discover different classes.
    • Dynamic Schedule: Our class schedule is subject to change to bring you the latest and most effective workout experiences. Check our website regularly for updates to ensure you don’t miss out on your favorite sessions.

    Embrace the Summer with Echelon Fitness!

    Don’t wait—start your journey to a healthier, fitter you this summer with Echelon Fitness. Let’s make this summer your best one yet!

    *Please note all classes listed are in Eastern Standard Time.

    NEW Afternoon Time Classes


    Nikita | Monday 1:00 PM | 20 minutes | Fusion

    Nikita | Monday 1:30 PM | 30 minutes | Speed

    Manny | Tuesday 12:30 PM | 45 minutes | Bootcamp | Spanish 

    Alexis | Thursday 2:00 PM | 20 minutes | Fusion | Spanish 

    Jama | Thursday 2:30 PM | 20 minutes | Low Impact


    Michael | Monday 1:15 PM | 30 minutes | Bootcamp

    Michael | Monday 2:15 PM | 20 minutes | Speed

    Marc | Tuesday 2:15 PM | 30 minutes | Tabata

    Ryn | Wednesday 1:15 PM | 30 minutes | Speed

    Jama | Thursday 1:15 PM | 20 minutes | Circuit Breaker

    Ryn | Friday 1:15 PM | 20 minutes | Low Impact


    Marc | Tuesday 1:30 PM | 30 minutes | Fusion 

    Ryn | Wednesday 12:30 PM | 30 minutes | Walk 

    Alexis | Thursday 2:45 PM | 30 minutes | Hiking

    Ryn | Friday 2:00 PM | 20 minutes | Walk & Run


    Strength + Yoga

    Nicole | Monday 8:00 AM | 30 minutes | Strength Total Body
    Ryn | Thursday 8:00 AM | 30 minutes | Yoga Vinyasa

    Join Nicole and Ryn for a 30-minute fitness class designed to offer a balanced and transformative workout suitable for all fitness levels. Nicole will lead the first half of the class with 15 minutes of invigorating strength exercises, followed by 15 minutes of rejuvenating stretches. Meanwhile, Ryn will guide you through a vinyasa yoga class. This seamless blend of strength training and stretching provides a comprehensive fitness experience that promotes both physical strength and flexibility.

    Equipment needed: 2 sets of dumbbells 

    Somatic Release Yoga 

    Ryn | Wednesday 9:00 AM | 30 minutes | Restorative Yoga

    Indulge in tranquility with our Somatic Release Restorative Yoga class, a sanctuary of stress relief. Immerse yourself in gentle, restorative postures and guided somatic release techniques, promoting deep relaxation and rejuvenation for both the body and mind.

    Equipment needed: Yoga block

    Dumbbell Beats (Upper Body)

    Reed | Monday 4:30 PM | 20 minutes | Strength Arms & Shoulders
    Reed | Wednesday 4:30 PM | 20 minutes | Strength Chest & Back

    You bring the (dumb)bells, Reed will bring the beats! Move your body to the rhythm of the music while toning your body.

    Equipment needed: 2 sets of dumbbells 

    Push & Pull

    Marc | Monday 10:00 AM | 30 minutes | Strength Upper Push
    Marc | Monday 10:45 AM | 10 minutes | Mobility
    Eden | Tuesday 10:00 AM | 30 minutes | Strength Lower Pull 
    Eden | Tuesday 10:45 AM | 10 minutes | Stretch
    Jaime | Wednesday 10:00 AM | 30 minutes | Strength Upper Pull 
    Jaime | Wednesday 10:45 AM | 10 minutes | Mobility
    Nicole | Thursday 10:00 AM | 30 minutes | Strength Lower Push 
    Nicole | Thursday 10:45 AM | 10 minutes | Stretch
    Nikita | Friday 10:00 AM | 20 minutes | Strength Core 
    Nikita | Friday 10:30 AM | 10 minutes | Mobility

    Join our Push & Pull class every day at 10 am, where we alternate between upper push, lower pull, upper pull, lower push, and total body workouts. This dynamic routine ensures a well-rounded and challenging experience, targeting different muscle groups each day for a comprehensive approach to strength and fitness.

    One and Done

    Jaime | Wednesday 7:00 AM | 30 minutes | Strength Lower Body

    Experience the efficiency of Jaime's "One and Done" fitness class – a 30-minute powerhouse that focuses on lower body strength. With just one session, you'll have all you need for a comprehensive workout, making it the perfect choice for those looking to maximize their fitness in a single, effective session.

    Equipment needed: 2 sets of dumbbells 

    Swing & Shred

    Michael | Monday 6:00 AM | 20 minutes | Total Body Conditioning
    Jaime | Wednesday 6:00 AM | 45 minutes | Total Body Strength

    Join Michael and Jaime for "Swing and Shred," a dynamic fitness class that combines a 20-minute kettlebell conditioning session with a 45-minute total body kettlebell workout. Achieve a well-balanced and effective full-body workout, as the swinging and shredding movements target both your upper and lower body, leaving you feeling energized and strong.

    Equipment needed: 1 set of dumbbells and 1 set of kettlebells 

    Functional Training

    Michael | Monday 6:30 AM | 30 minutes | Total Body Strength

    Join our dynamic Functional Training class, designed to elevate your fitness through a series of full-body exercises that enhance strength, stability, and overall functional movement. Each class focuses on improving your ability to perform everyday movements—like climbing stairs, lifting shopping bags, and squatting to play with your kids.

    Equipment needed: 2 sets of dumbbells 

    Weekend Roundup

    Eden | Saturday 12:00 PM | 10 minutes | Strength Upper Body
    Eden | Saturday 12:15 PM  | 10 minutes | Strength Lower Body
    Eden | Saturday 12:30 PM  | 10 minutes | Strength Core
    Eden | Saturday 12:45 PM  | 10 minutes | Stretch Total Body
    Nicole | Sunday 11:00 AM  | 10 minutes | Strength Upper Body
    Nicole | Sunday 11:15 AM  | 10 minutes | Strength Lower Body
    Nicole | Sunday 11:30 AM  | 10 minutes | Strength Core
    Nicole | Sunday 11:45 AM  | 10 minutes | Stretch Total Body

    What’s the weekend without the Weekend Roundup with Eden and Nicole? This four-part circuit is meant to be taken back to back and combines full-body strength training, bodyweight cardio, and recovery.

    Equipment needed: 2 sets of dumbbells 

    Bodyweight Strength

    Sam | Wednesday 8:30 AM | 20 minutes | Strength Rotate Upper and Lower Body

    Welcome to our Bodyweight Strength class, a fun and challenging workout using only your own bodyweight, alternating between upper and lower body exercises designed to sculpt and strengthen.

    Band Bootcamp

    Sam | Thursday 11:30 AM | 20 minutes | Strength Total Body

    Join our Band Bootcamp class, a total body strength experience exclusively using resistance bands to sculpt and tone muscles with dynamic precision. This exhilarating workout challenges every muscle group for a transformative and effective workout.

    Equipment needed: Long and mini bands

    Core Sculpt

    Nicole | Tuesday 8:00 AM | 20 minutes | Strength Core

    Get ready to strengthen and tone your core in just 30 minutes with Core Sculpt, led by Nicole! This high-intensity, efficient workout is designed to target your abs, obliques, and lower back muscles, ensuring a comprehensive core workout that will leave you feeling strong and empowered.

    Equipment needed: Slam ball and mini band


    Power House

    Nicole | Wednesday 11:00:00 AM | 20 minutes | Strength Lower Body
    Nicole | Wednesday 11:30:00 AM | 10 minutes | Core

    Join Nicole in a Powerhouse class, a dynamic 20-minute strength class concentrating on sculpting and toning your glutes and core. Following the challenging lower body strength workout, elevate your fitness with a 10 minute core finisher.

    Band Bootcamp

    Nicole | Tuesday 9:00 AM | 20 minutes | Strength Upper Body 
    Nicole | Tuesday 9:30 AM | 10 minutes | Stretch Total Body
    Ryn | Thursday 9:00 AM | 20 minutes | Strength Lower Body
    Ryn | Thursday 9:30 AM | 10 minutes | Stretch

    Dive into the intensity of our Band Bootcamp, a 20-minute workout class exclusively using resistance bands, led by Nicole and Ryn. Ignite your strength journey as you power through this dynamic class, utilizing the resistance bands to sculpt both your upper and lower body, fostering resilient strength in a quick and efficient workout.

    Equipment needed: Resistance cord and mini band

    Upper Body Gains

    Michael | Friday 9:00 AM | 20 minutes | Strength Upper Body
    Michael | Friday 9:30 AM | 10 minutes | Stretch 

    Get ready to have a blast with Michael in Upper Body Gains every Friday! Join us for an empowering session as we focus on building upper body strength and sculpting those muscles for a strong and toned physique.

    Equipment needed: 2 sets of dumbbells