Denise Austin

Denise Austin

Over the years, Denise has worked with millions of women, helping them reach their fitness goals in ways that fit their lifestyle. She has sold more than 24 million exercise videos, published 12 books and hosted the longest running fitness show in TV history. Now, using that experience she brings her own set of classes to the Echelon Experience. 

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Nancy is the Content Director for Echelon, a personal trainer, mother of 3 and a wife of just 1. She also has backgrounds in mental health and acting. Nancy's passion is motivating others to change, though she is stubbornly determined to never grow up.


Born in Trinidad & Tobago, Marsha is a mother of two, wife, personal trainer and a 2 time (soon to be 3 time Ironman finisher. She is a hard woman to slow down and will motivate you to go the distance.


Brianne is a farm girl at heart and owns her own bakery! Yes, we said bakery … obviously cycling keeps this busy girl in balance! Her down to earth sense of humor will keep you riding even when those legs want to quit.


Jama homeschools FOUR boys all under the age of 11! After her first marathon, she realized cycling could give her an awesome workout without making her question her sanity. Once a scrawny kid, she is now a personal trainer and a fitness fanatic.


Though not the Missy Elliott you may have jammed out to in the 90’s, our Missy Elliott is just as cool. An avid runner both on the road and on the trail, she discovered the magic of indoor cycling as part of her training for her first triathlon.


Brianna is an outdoor freak who whitewater kayaks, runs, and rides. She is a manager at a medicine clinic and is a health and life coach. She considers her greatest challenge to be getting a tan.


Nicole is an artist and creates pieces of art with reclaimed materials and owns her own art gallery. She drove her mother crazy collecting random stuff off the ground to make new inventions. Lots of energy here!


Janet stays busy as a personal trainer and being as athletic as possible. She is a huge animal lover and volunteers with Animal Rescue. She tries to balance work, faith, fitness, family, friends and, of course, FUN!


Having retired from playing rugby, Randall is now a full time rugby referee and chairman of the MidSouth Rugby Referee Society. Randall is self-described as a “Jeek” (jock/geek) as a kid. His classes are best described as intense and sweaty…super sweaty.


Patricia was a tomboy growing up which makes her career as a college Phys Education teacher pretty much perfect. Don’t let her sweet smile fool you- her classes are tough and she will push you to your edge!


Josh is a stay-at-home father of 4 children, 2 of which are identical twin toddlers. If that isn't tiring enough, he is also preparing for his next IronMan.  Terrible at sports as a kid,  he is an adventurer: cycling, camping, water sports and roller-coaster-hunting.  Balancing it all is a constant but rewarding battle. Do it all. YOLO.


Megan rides for the exercise, for the love of teaching and because she love cookies.She is an executive assistant, a competitive rower, and a life and sports mindset coach. She loves nothing more than helping others realize their greatest potential. She cannot sit still but LOVES sloths.  Totally doesn't make sense.

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