Reflect 50" Member Deal Features Specs
Reflect 50" Member Deal
Reflect 50" Member Deal
Reflect 50" Member Deal
Reflect 50" Member Deal
Reflect 50" Member Deal
Reflect 50" Member Deal
Reflect 50" Member Deal

Reflect 50" Member Deal


Enjoy the same great workout experience as the original Reflect, now with a 50” HD touchscreen display. Explore more than 2,000 studio-quality fitness classes including HIIT, Core, Yoga, Pilates, Kickboxing, and more — all from the convenience of home. Tap the embedded touchscreen to access thousands of on-demand classes and daily live workouts led by professional instructors. 

Premium Features:

  • Embedded HD Touchscreen Display
  • Zero-footprint Design; Easily Installs Flush to the Wall
  • 50” Class Mirror Doubles as Sleek, High-end Decor 
  • Bluetooth® Audio Compatible 
    Don't Sweat It

    With the Echelon Premier Membership Guarantee, you'll never lose sweat over our equipment (or we got your back). All active Premium Members enjoy the benefit of full warranty coverage.*

    *coverage for active Premier Members up to 5 years.

    • No membership required for open box products.

    Reimagine Your Fitness Journey.

    Echelon Premier Membership unlocks daily live classes and over 15k of a variety of on-demand classes — including all Echelon equipment classes and off-equipment workouts. Always on the go? Enjoy the flexibility and variety of off-equipment workouts with Echelon FitPass, our most affordable plan starting at $11.99/month.


    From HIIT, to yoga, to strength training and more, our memberships give you access to an array of workouts that are as effective as they are convenient. No matter your fitness level, Echelon’s motivating, world-class instructors and the large variety of classes, music, and entertainment will help you achieve the results you want.

    Real-Time Progress Tracking

    Millions of Popular Music Options

    30+ Motivating Instructors

    40+ Daily Live Classes

    Thousands of On-Demand Workouts

    Endless Ways to Move. Explore Memberships

    • Lindsay

      BIKE REFLECT photo of instructor Nicole
    • Reed

      BIKE ROW REFLECT photo of instructor Reed
    • Nicole

      BIKE ROW REFLECT photo of instructor Nicole
    • Nikita

      CONNECT REFLECT photo of instructor Nikita
    • Michael

      BIKE ROW REFLECT photo of instructor Michael
    • John

      ROW FITPASS ...
    • Ryn

      ROW FITPASS ...
    • Janet

      ROW FITPASS ...
    • Marsha

      ROW FITPASS ...
    • Jaime

      ROW FITPASS ...
    • Amber

    • Eden

    • Jama

      BIKE FITPASS ...
    • Dani

    • Sam

    • Nikita

      BIKE REFLECT ...
    • Marie

      BIKE ...
    • Manny

      BIKE ...
    • Marc

      BIKE REFLECT ...