Stride-6s-10 - Partner
Stride-6s-10 - Partner
Stride-6s-10 - Partner
Stride-6s-10 - Partner
Stride-6s-10 - Partner
Stride-6s-10 - Partner
Stride-6s-10 - Partner
Stride-6s-10 - Partner
Stride-6s-10 - Partner
Stride-6s-10 - Partner

Stride-6s-10 - Partner


Elevate your fitness journey with the Stride-6s-10 Treadmill, blending state-of-the-art innovation with ultimate convenience for a transformative workout experience! The revolutionary Waterfall Open Front Design, ingeniously maximizes your exercise area while maintaining a sleek, compact footprint. The treadmill features a stunning 10” Class HD Touchscreen, bringing your workouts to life with vibrant clarity, perfect for following along with world-class instructors or tracking your progress in real-time.

Enjoy the serenity of your exercise with the whisper-quiet DC brushless motor, ensuring a distraction-free environment. Whether you're challenging yourself with speeds up to 12.5 MPH, exploring the diverse incline options, or utilizing the effortless auto-fold design for simple storage, the Stride-6s-10 Treadmill is your partner in achieving fitness goals with joy and ease.

Key Features:

  • Waterfall Open Front Design: A game-changing approach that redefines your running space for a boundless workout experience.
  • 10" Class HD Touchscreen: Stay connected to world-class instruction through the vibrant 10” Class HD Touchscreen. It's your gateway to engaging workouts and expert guidance. 
  • Whisper-Quiet DC Brushless Motor: Say goodbye to the thundering noise of traditional treadmills and hello to peaceful workouts.
  • **Bluetooth®-enabled LED Console: **Instantly connect to Echelon's world-class instructors to keep your workouts dynamic and engaging.
  • Spacious Running Deck: Designed to absorb impact, protecting your joints while providing ample room for a comfortable stride.
  • Versatility at Your Fingertips: With speeds reaching up to 12.5 MPH and diverse incline levels, the Stride-6 adapts to your fitness level and goals.
  • Auto-Fold Design: A simple move is all it takes to fold this treadmill away, unlocking your space once again.

Whether you're training for your next marathon or simply striving to maintain an active lifestyle, the Echelon Stride-6s-10 Treadmill is your steadfast companion on the path to fitness excellence. Experience the thrill of running alongside professionals, effortlessly track your progress, and unlock your full exercise potential— all from the comfort of your own home.

Embark on an extraordinary running journey with a special offer exclusively for our valued partners. Join a community where the love for fitness converges with the joy of achieving personal bests and crafting your own story of health and vitality.

Unlock the stride towards a better version of yourself! 🌟✨

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