FitPass Winter Series: November - December

FitPass Winter Series: November - December

The next 8- week series' reason behind programming is to focus on the importance of building strength, power, and agility with our Strength and HIIT workouts while balancing out the intensity with our low impact Yoga, Pilates, Barre, and Stretch classes. This creates an overall well-balanced and sustainable class schedule to make a stronger and more powerful YOU!


Low Impact, High Energy

Low Impact, Big Results! These strength classes are meant to challenge the body, but be easy on the joints. Designed for longevity. 

Tuesday, 8 AM ET | Strength 20 - Lower Body | Jama

Wednesday, 8 AM ET | Strength 20 - Total Body | Janet

Thursday, 8 AM ET | Strength 20 - Lower Body | Ryn

Recommended Equipment: 2 sets of Dumbbells, Bench


Strength for Yogis

Yogis know that flexibility with strength is the ultimate combination for strong joints and clean postures. This combination of banded strength classes with Jama and Yoga classes with Ryn will give you a strong foundation for a rejuvenating practice.

Tuesday, 10 AM ET | Strength 20 | Jama

Wednesday, 10 AM ET | Vinyasa Yoga 30 | Ryn

Thursday, 10 AM ET | Restorative Yoga 30 | Ryn

Recommended Equipment: Mini band, Long band, Yoga blocks


The Daily Sweat

Get stronger every day hitting strength, HIIT, and stretching for a well-rounded daily fitness routine!

Monday, 11 AM ET | Lower (glutes, hamstrings) 20 Mobility Monday | Jaime

Monday, 11:30 AM ET | Mobility Express 10 | Jaime

Tuesday, 11 AM ET | Upper (chest, back) 20 | Nicole

Tuesday, 11:30 AM ET | HIIT 10 | Nicole

Wednesday, 11 AM ET | Lower (quads, inner/outer thighs) 20 | Ryn

Wednesday, 11:30AM ET | Stretch 10 | Ryn 

Thursday, 11 AM ET | Upper (bis, tris, shoulders) 20 | Eden

Thursday, 11:30 AM ET | Plank Progression 2.0 10 | Eden

Friday, 11 AM ET | Total Body 20 | Nicole

Friday, 11:30 AM ET | Stretch 10 | Nicole

Recommended Equipment: 2 Sets of Dumbbells


Barre Burn

Drawing from pilates, yoga, strength training, and dance, this series combines micro-movements and repetition with a rotating focus on different body parts. Get ready to feel the burn throughout this 8-week program!

Tuesday, 12:30 PM ET | Barre 20 - HIIT | Marsha

Tuesday, 1 PM ET | Barre 30 - Rotate UB / LB  | Marsha

Thursday, 12:30 PM ET | Barre 20 -  Core| Marsha

Thursday, 1 PM ET | Barre 30 -  Total Body || Marsha

Recommended Equipment: Barre


One and Done

Push your body to the next level using strength training intermixed with aerobic activity for a total body burn during and after class!

Wednesday, 6 AM ET | Strength Total Body 30 | Janet 


Pure Strength

Build pure strength with Janet to muscle up and feel and look your best!

Wednesday, 7 AM ET | Strength 10 - Upper Body  | Janet

Wednesday, 7:15 AM ET |  Strength 10 - Core | Janet 

Wednesday, 7:30 AM ET | Strength 10 - Lower Body  | Janet 

Recommended Equipment:  1 Set of Dumbbells, Long resistance band


Kettlebells Ring, Are You Listening?

Kettlebells ring, are you listening... Snow isn't glistening just yet, but our kettlebells are! Basics classes give you the foundation to go strong. Combine these classes with Ryn's Athletic Yoga to help optimize your range of motion and movement patterns.

Monday, 6 AM ET | Kettlebell Basics 10 | Michael 

Monday, 6:15 AM ET | Strength 30 - Total Body | Michael 

Tuesday, 9 AM ET | Kettlebell Basics 20 -  Upper Body | Jama

Wednesday, 9 AM ET | Kettlebell Basics 20 - Lower Body | Ryn

Recommended Equipment: Kettlebells


All In

Get ready to give it your all! Jaime's goal is to push you to double down and go all in for 30 mins. It will be intense, but you will come out stronger. You can do it!

Monday, 8AM ET | Strength 30 - HIIT and Core | Jaime

Recommended Equipment: 1 Set of Dumbbells, 1 Medicine Ball


Power Pyramid

Bring the heat in this pyramid-style workout with Nicole.

Monday, 1 PM ET | Strength 20 - Rotate Arms & Abs, Glutes & Thighs, Total Body | Nicole

Recommended Equipment: 2 Sets of Dumbbells


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