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Five Secrets to Successful Goals

Five Secrets to Successful Goals - Echelon Fit US

by Sarah Smith January 23, 2021

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We start off each year believing this is the year we’ll finally accomplish that "thing" that’ll make life better. But by the end of January, many of our well-intentioned resolutions made on an optimistic New Year's Eve fall by the wayside. So we put those resolutions back on the shelf, and watch them begin to collect dust once again as we navigate feelings of failure.

Sound familiar? Us, too. 

The good news is we can put an end to our cycle of defeated dreams—and we have the tips to get us all there! More often than not, resolutions fail because they lack critical steps to success. Well-defined goals are the most achievable and we want to help everyone reach theirs! Check out our top five pointers for creating resolutions that’ll stick. 


Five Secrets to Successful Goals:
  1. Be Specific. Clarify our goal as much as possible so we can focus our efforts with ease. When a task is vague, it can be difficult to know where to start—not to mention overwhelming, which can hamper motivation. So the more specific we can be, the better. 
  2. Make it Measurable. It’s impossible to achieve a goal that isn’t measured. For example, rather striving to be stronger, aiming to hold a plank for three minutes would be a measurable alternative.  
  3. Start Small. We’re all about reaching for the stars. But, when it comes to setting goals, they have to be within reach; if they’re too big, it’s easy to throw in the towel before we begin. For example, it wouldn’t be realistic to sign-up for a marathon next week if we haven’t left the couch since last March. Rather, a 30-minute walk around the block each day would be a solid starting point.
  4. Check Your Resources. If we want to train to be a powerlifter but don't own a set of weights, it might feel like we can’t train. So we start with a goal we can achieve now, like "complete three bodyweight workouts a week." 
  5. Make a Plan. Creating a plan and determining a timeline will not only keep our goals actionable, but also give us something to look forward to. Joining a challenge or an event can be a great place to start, giving us a deadline to work toward and structure to pace ourselves accordingly.