Get to Know… Janet Adams

Headshot of Janet Adams in front of a blue background

Get to Know… is Echelon’s weekly spotlight on our amazing instructors. 

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Instructor: Janet Adams

Teaches On: Connect Bike

Studio: Chattanooga

Instagram: @Janetadams113

Meet Janet

Early birds rejoice: Janet is the instructor for you! She has traveled around since childhood, and lived in both Hawaii and Illinois before finding her way to Tennessee. Janet doesn’t find it easy to sit still, and you won’t either in her early-morning cycling classes. 

Janet poses for a picture while on a hike with her dog

When she isn’t teaching classes, you can find Janet leading her monthly hiking group with her husband and her dog Ollie. She also loves volunteering at the local animal shelter, and is always planning the next class! 

Janet’s Fitness Journey

Janet next to a Connect Bike, lit by purple spotlights

Janet has been passionate about health and fitness most of her life. When she was 20 she started focusing on her health by training for triathlons, and never looked back. Once Janet became a mother she decided to leave her travel-heavy job to make that passion her career. She now considers teaching at Echelon one of her proudest accomplishments. 

What Brought Janet to Echelon 

Janet is constantly inspired by the Echelon community. Seeing members prioritize their health, work towards fitness goals, and encourage their peers along the way makes her proud to be an instructor. She calls it a dream come true to be able to reach and motivate so many people around the world. She calmly and confidently leads her classes, pushing with positivity — you won’t know where that new personal record came from!

Janet leads a Connect Bike class in the Chattanooga studio

Janet has led many workouts over the years, but her favorite was the very first live class at the Echelon Chattanooga studio. That day, her class included employees from the Echelon corporate office, including CEO Lou Lentine! She says that is a day she will never forget. 

Janet’s Advice for New Members

Headshot of Janet in a black shirt against a wall

Janet’s words of wisdom for new members are simple but powerful: you are stronger than you know. And always, add resistance!


New to Echelon? You can join Janet on the Connect Bike. Her classes are available on-demand and live for Echelon Premier members in the Chattanooga studio and on the Echelon Fit® app.