Get to Know… Johanna Roth

Johanna Roth headshot over blue background

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Instructor: Johanna Roth

Teaches On: Connect BikeFitPass

Studio: Hamburg

Instagram: @missjaypi

Meet Johanna

Johanna has always pursued her passion for fitness — she worked as a trainer on cruise ships traveling all over the world. Her home port is in Hamburg. She loves the beautiful nature in Hamburg and finds that being outdoors is the best way for her to switch off her brain for a while. She also studied sports science there and uses her knowledge of the body to create her classes.

Johanna poses in Echelon apparel in front of a white background

Her favorite part of creating classes, though, is making the playlists. Johanna believes that you need the right soundtrack each day to set the mood you want — life without music is boring! Music is one of her main motivations in exercise, whether she’s leading an Echelon class or playing volleyball with her team. 90’s music is Johanna’s favorite because it reminds her of her childhood.  

You can catch Johanna live, on-demand, or in-studio for Fusion, Bootcamp, Cadence, and Low Impact Classes, and Body Workout and Stretching FitPass classes. Join her for a few drills and a dose of positivity — but never before 10 o’clock in the morning, because she can’t speak yet, let alone teach classes.


Johanna’s Fitness Journey

Johanna discovered her passion for fitness in childhood, playing soccer. When she won “Player of the Day,” she was hooked. She continued with sports like volleyball and was inspired by all of her trainers and their different ways of teaching. She learned something new from every exercise and music style. She started leading cycling classes at 20, developing her own style of teaching. Now she loves moving with people to good music. 

Johanna leads a Christmas-themed class in costume with another Echelon instructor

She continues to push her own body too — when she was 30 Johanna’s friend signed her up for a marathon. Johanna thought it was a team tackling it together but soon discovered that she would be doing a full marathon on her own. She pulled off, but Johanna has sworn off marathons from now on!

What Brought Johanna to Echelon 

Johanna started with Echelon in 2021, as a way to continue getting exercise during the pandemic. She loved that the Echelon is such a connected community, not just in Germany but all over the world. Even when she couldn’t lead in-person classes, Johanna found it easy to stay in touch with members and be healthy and positive together. Coming up with new playlists and leading live classes is something that always brings her joy.

Johanna celebrates 100 classes in the Hamburg Echelon studio, holding up balloons

It’s not always smooth sailing, though — Johanna enjoys laughing about one of her first live classes. She hadn’t properly connected her bike and had to pretend that she was pushing through really tough resistance when there actually wasn’t any at all. 

Johanna’s Advice for New Members

One thing you’ll always hear Johanna say at the beginning of classes is that it’s “time to bring the body to operating temperature.” She recommends putting as big an emphasis on the warm-up as the rest of your workout. 

Johanna leads a class in the Hamburg Echelon studio

Mostly, she encourages new members to keep going at their own level and try not to compare themselves to others. Be proud that you decided to care for your body and mind!


New to Echelon? You can join Johanna on the Connect Bike and FitPass. Her classes are available on-demand and live for Echelon Premier members in the Hamburg studio and on the Echelon Fit® app.