Get to Know… Marc Penna

Get to Know… Marc Penna

Instructor:  Marc Penna

Language: English

Teaches On: Connect Bike, FitPass, Row, Stride 

Studio: Miami

Instagram:  @marc.echelonfit

Meet Marc

Marc spends his days with his miniature yet big-hearted companion, the five-pound Papillon, Eevee. When it comes to music, Marc loves Pop as it represents a light-hearted, nostalgic vibe that makes him feel cheerful. His mantra for life is "These quads are on fire," to the tune of Alicia Keys; a reminder of the need to take both tough love and motivation into account. His motto is to always work towards improving oneself and empower oneself in the process, with a little bit of sweat and humor!

Marc's primary attribute is determination, accompanied by copious amounts of sweat and a dash of humor. Watching other people do what he has difficulty doing encourages him to constantly strive for higher levels of performance.

Marc's Fitness Journey

Marc wanted to make fitness easier and more enjoyable for anyone who's working on staying in shape. After years of face-to-face group training, he sought to reach and interact with people all over the world. His own personal greatest achievement was putting on 8 lbs of muscle on an entirely vegan diet in only three months. On the professional front, his proudest moments come when one of his members accomplishes something to be proud of!

Marc’s Advice for New Members

"It can be scary and confusing to start, but the industry is filled with positive people that are always happy to help. Don't be afraid to ask questions!"