Get to Know... Sage Figueroa

London Lead Echelon Instructor Sage Figueroa

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Instructor: Sage Figueroa

Language: English

Teaches On: Connect BikeFitPass

Studio: London

Instagram: @unlock_themovement

Meet Sage

Sage is our globe-trotting lead instructor in London. Born in Belize, she spent time in Vancouver, Taiwan, and New Orleans before settling in England. She loves reggae, especially Bob Marley, because it reminds her of the sunshine, warmth, and relaxed atmosphere of her home in Belize — all ingredients she needs to stay grounded, present, and grateful.

Sage was 20 weeks pregnant when she started as an instructor at Echelon, and she has a passion for supporting active moms. She is now a proud mom of two and is the backbone of Echelon’s prenatal classes. She cites her kids as her biggest inspiration, and always strives to channel their bravery, resilience, and eagerness to learn about the world.

Sage’s Fitness Journey

Sage is the first to admit that she wasn’t always fit and healthy, especially in her late teens and into her early 20s. She credits the fitness instructors who inspired her as the reason she is able to stay consistent with her health and fitness. Her proudest fitness moment is winning a press-up competition with 51 press-ups in 60 seconds!

Gif of Sage FIgueroa. Captioned: "My name is Sage. I am your pre- and post-natal qualified fitness instructor, and I am also well into my third trimester with baby number two."

After experiencing firsthand the impact that a great instructor can have, she decided to learn as much as she could about health and fitness in order to be there for others who are looking to lead healthier lives. Sage uses her trademark sunny encouragement to keep members moving through all the emotions that can be part of a workout, be it laughter or tears.

What Brought Sage to Echelon 

Sage Figueroa in gray top and black leggings, in her third trimester of pregnancy

Sage credits Echelon's uplifting and supportive community as the motivator for joining the instructing team. She loves being able to sweat with and high-five people across the globe!

I know how daunting it is to have a 'Day 1' when you begin your fitness journey, and there are so many gyms that can be intimidating. Echelon has created a space for everyone, regardless of fitness ability, to work out together. I absolutely wanted to be a part of that! -Sage

Sage’s Advice for New Members

Sage believes living life to its fullest is your most important job. Try new things, get out of your comfort zone, and see what happens! She loves how amazing the Echelon community is at facilitating these goals. 

Gif of Sage Figueroa post-workout, toasting to the camera with Echelon water bottle

When she filmed her first live ride with members, Sage remembers how nervous she was — and the supportive and welcoming atmosphere left her in awe. She likes to tell newcomers to just have fun! Everything else will fall into place.


New to Echelon? You can join Sage on the Connect Bike. Her classes are available on-demand and live for Echelon Premier members in the London studio and on the Echelon Fit app.