Get to Know… Samantha Valot

Get to Know… Samantha Valot

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Instructor: Samantha Valot

Language: French

Teaches On: Connect BikeFitPass, ReflectRow

Studio: Paris

Instagram: @sam.valot


Meet Samantha 

With degrees in fine arts and personal training plus experience as a fitness instructor — Samantha knows what she’s doing. Her calm and soothing presence will put you at ease in class and her mom-like support will help you achieve your fitness goals. 

Echelon France Instructor Samantha Valot sits cross legged on a teal yoga mat

Samantha’s teaching style is a mixture of being very serious and cheerful at the same time. She enjoys giving technical cues on how to improve cadence or output by cycling in a more efficient way (the form is so important as you know) and then dancing on her bike, fooling around, and supporting her students before refocusing on the "serious" practical moment.

Samantha’s Fitness Journey

Echelon France Instructor Samantha Valot rides a bike in green fields
Samantha’s fitness journey started because she spent ten years working in front of a computer and needed a job that allowed her to move all day long and, above all, convey her passion for fitness as justly as possible. She hopes to continue her journey into a master's training program and manage instructors someday.  

What Brought Samantha to Echelon 

Instructor Samantha Valot rides a Connect Bike in the Echelon Paris studio
Continuing her fitness journey, Samantha decided to join Echelon because she had never experienced teaching live and filmed classes in front of cameras, and turns out, she really enjoys it! She says that “It teaches us coaches to cue and host our classes way differently than face to face ones. And this is such a good thing because it allows us to improve in both settings!”

Samantha’s Advice for New Members

Echelon France Instructor Samantha Valot smiles at a large cactus
Samantha encourages new members to only focus on the positive elements of each training experience. The rest shall remain meaningless to their eyes. Keeping this in mind, pleasure will surely rise in all of their other goals.


New to Echelon? You can join Samantha on the Connect BikeRow, Reflect, and FitPass. Her classes are available on-demand and live for Echelon Premier members in the Paris studio and on the Echelon Fit® app.