Introducing FitOS

Introducing FitOS

FitOS is Echelon’s innovative new workout platform available for Premier and Lite members*. This update allows you to enjoy news, entertainment, social media and gaming apps during freestyle workouts on your connected equipment screen** (bike, treadmill and row). Your stats will be tracked as you work out and switch from app to app. Of course, your Echelon Fit classes will remain easily accessible for you to level-up your workouts with our expert instructors.

With the launch of FitOS, we’re also introducing Worlds, a captivating virtual reality gaming experience for you to race against yourself, your friends or the computer. As you explore these diverse landscapes, you’ll be challenged with auto-adjusting resistance that levels the playing ground. Automatic resistance changes will not be available on equipment with manual resistance (sport bike, sport row, GT, GT+, EX-15)

Your new FitOS home screen will give you all the options you need for the workout you want.

*FREE for Premier and Lite members. Not sure if you're a Premier Member? Log in to the Member Portal to find out.

**FitOS is only available for screened connected equipment. 

    What apps are available on FitOS? 

    FitOS has the following apps ready to be downloaded:

    • Apple music
    • Audible
    • Disney+
    • ESPN
    • Echelon Connect 
    • Echelon Worlds
    • Echelon Freestyle
    • Hulu
    • MAX
    • Netflix
    • Prime Video
    • Spotify
    • Tubi 
    • Youtube TV
    • Zoom
    • 234 Player Games 
    • NYT Games
    • BBC news
    • Feedly
    • FlipBoard
    • Forbes
    • Google News
    • Inkl
    • Wall Street Journal
    • Yahoo News
    • Facebook 
    • Instagram 
    • TikTok 
    • X

    Please note: Some apps are third parties and not included in your Echelon Fit subscription. Logins for these accounts need to be set up through the respective service.

      Where do I give feedback?

      Click here to provide feedback on FitOS or search for solutions to known issues. 

      Additional Resources and FAQs

      Visit the Echelon Zendesk for additional resources. 

      Still have questions? We'd love to answer them for you. Please reach out to customer support at