Introducing Worlds: Elevate Your Workout Experience!

Introducing Worlds: Elevate Your Workout Experience!

What is Worlds?

Transform your fitness routine with Echelon Worlds, a revolutionary gamified racing platform that brings excitement to your workouts. Race against friends, challenge the computer, or beat your own records in real-time. The auto-adjusting resistance*, based on terrain and elevation, adds realism, making you feel like you're part of the game. Customize your avatar for a truly immersive experience. Say farewell to mundane workouts and welcome an elevated fitness adventure with Echelon Worlds.

*Automatic resistance changes will not be available on equipment with manual resistance (sport bike, sport row, GT, GT+, EX-15).

How do I Join?

Premier and Lite members with mounted screened* connected equipment can access Worlds through FitOSNot sure if you're a Premier or Lite Member? Log in to the Member Portal to find out.

Worlds is also available on bike and row for download on the iOS/Apple store... Android coming soon! Download the 'Echelon Worlds' app onto your device from the app store and use your Echelon app login information to get access.

*Members without a mounted screened connected equipment will need to use the 'Echelon Worlds' app on the tablet or smart phone.

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  • Stride - Dates to be announced.


Dates to be announced.

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