Pitbull x Echelon: A Show-Stopping Partnership

Pitbull wearing black on a light blue background with text "Pitbull x Echelon"

It’s going down! Introducing Pitbull x Echelon, a show-stopping partnership like never before featuring Pitbull-themed rides that will have you out of the saddle and on top of the world — available NOW in the Echelon Fit app. Exclusive music, merchandise, and more coming soon.

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It Starts With Music

Music is an imperative part of the Echelon experience. It hypes you up, keeps you going, and pushes you when you need it most. That’s why we’re teaming up with the genius behind the songs found in many workout playlists — Pitbull. 

As a global superstar, Pitbull is a GRAMMY® Award-winning singer and songwriter who boasts countless awards, dozens of international number ones, hundreds of gold and platinum certifications, millions of single sales, 25 million album sales, and over 15 billion music video views. All this adds up to one of the most impressive careers in music history.

Beyond his epic music career, Pitbull is an education advocate, business entrepreneur, and motivational speaker. As our newest investor, he can add Echelon Partner to his growing resume. 

In addition to the financial investment, Pitbull’s partnership will include exclusive in-app content for Echelon members, the opportunity for co-branded merchandise, and a new custom-written Echelon anthem. 

Pitbull, known off-stage as Armando Christian Perez, said of the collaboration, “It is truly an honor to partner with Echelon Fitness, with this new venture, we look forward to producing new avenues for music and fitness. Music is the universal language. Fitness is a cultural movement. Together we will create a powerful generation. I don't know about you but that makes me feel good, Dale!”

Working alongside Pitbull will be revolutionary for Echelon and a true value-add for our community. Our CEO Lou Lentine explained,  “We have been experiencing significant growth, and confidence from key financial investors, including a recent investment led by Goldman Sachs. Pitbull has featured and been featured with some of the biggest talents in the music industry. And now his latest feature is with Echelon Fitness. We are so excited to welcome Mr. Worldwide to the team!”

Prepare yourself for the ultimate partnership that will have you out of the saddle and on top of the world because this is just the beginning. Dale! (Let’s go!)

New to Echelon? The exclusive Pitbull-themed classes are available for the Echelon Connect Bike when paired with the Echelon Premier Membership. Join the Echelon community, and experience Pitbull X Echelon.