Made To Move

How Angela Got Her Echelon Connect Bike
We always talk about how amazing the Echelon community is, but sometimes it still shocks us when we see inspirational stories of members helping members. Or, in the case of Angela, members helping people before they even officially joined the community!
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Eche-Friends: The Heart of the Echelon Community
It’s membership appreciation week, and we want to celebrate each of our cheerleaders, accountability partners, and morning motivators — our Eche-friends. An Eche-friend is someone you meet through the Echelon community. Eche-friends can span states and even countries, but the dedication...
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Cancer, Fitness & Jennifer’s Incredible Victory
We are proud to introduce our model, Jennifer, who is an Echelon member and 17-year breast cancer survivor. During our photo and video shoot, we had the opportunity to chat with Jennifer about her experience with cancer and how fitness helped her through her treatment and recovery. This is her story.
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