They've Arrived: Discover Our All-New Collection of Smart Treadmills

Image of four Echelon treadmills with the text "The Echelon Stride Family Just Got Bigger"

Echelon is excited to announce our new, expanding series of smart treadmills: Echelon Stride-s, Echelon Stride-5s, and Echelon Stride-7s. There are now more ways than ever to enjoy the connected treadmill experience, whether you are an avid runner or looking for a way to boost your weekly cardio — there is now an Echelon treadmill for everyone.

Below, we’ve broken down the different models to help you decide which one best suits your running style and exercise needs.

Echelon Stride-s Auto-Fold Smart Treadmill

Echelon Stride-s

No setup required — the Echelon Stride-s is ready for you to start running in minutes. This auto-folding smart treadmill is easy to store and transport, and includes a 10” HD touchscreen to stream any live or on-demand classes. Expert running instructors teach classes at every fitness level, from Walking and Rhythm Runs to Sprinting and Scenic Runs.

The Echelon Stride-s is easy to store and folds flat to just 10” tall. This is the perfect option for anyone interested in a treadmill who doesn’t have floor space to share, or who doesn’t want to dedicate permanent space to workout equipment. Just watch it fold itself and tuck it away until your next run. 

Specs for Echelon Stride-s

The impact-absorbing running deck, steel frame, and brushless motor withstand wear and tear. Adjust speed up to 12 miles per hour, and choose from 12 different incline levels.

The Echelon Stride-s is available now for preorder. Learn more.

Echelon Stride-5s Smart Treadmill 

Echelon Stride-5s Treadmill

Look no further for a next-level running workout than the Echelon Stride-5s, now available for purchase! This is the perfect treadmill for dedicated runners who want to invest in an exceptional workout experience. 

The Echelon Stride-5s features an immersive 24” touchscreen that swivels 90 degrees to make off-equipment workouts even more accessible. Enjoy live and on-demand treadmill classes with expert instructors and chart-topping licensed music for fully immersive training. 

Specs for Echelon Stride-5s

Choose workouts that match your mood with a variety of instructors and workout styles. Additionally, there are thousands of classes to complement your running workouts, from Upper-Body Strength and Stretching to Core and Yoga. Run smoothly on the impact-absorbing running deck and steel frame, which are designed to withstand frequent high-impact use and accommodate a range of running styles. Easy-access handlebar controls make adjusting incline and speed settings during workouts a breeze.

The Echelon Stride-5s is available now! Learn more

 Echelon Stride-7s Commercial Smart Treadmill

Echelon Stride-7s

The Echelon Stride-7s is perfectly suited for commercial use. Users can run with expert running instructors on the Duro50 cushioned suspension running deck with speeds up to 15.5 miles per hour and 16 incline levels. Real-time performance stats and live classes complete the high-end, immersive experience.

Users also have access to an extensive library of classes on the huge 32” class HD touchscreen. Run live with inspiring instructors, find the perfect workout on-demand, or choose one of the scenic runs filmed all over the world. 

Specs for Echelon Stride-7s


















Not in the mood for a run? Explore thousands of cross-training workouts like HIIT, Yoga, Kickboxing, Pilates, and more — available both live and on-demand.  

The Echelon Stride-7s is available now for commercial partners. Learn more


Find Your Perfect Treadmill

Creating a workout space for a gym or apartment complex? Searching for immersive fitness technology that fits a small space? Interested in Echelon’s extensive class library? No matter your exercise style, there is an Echelon Stride to fit your needs. 

Each Stride model also has the ability to access all the benefits of an Echelon connected membership. There are programs for runners of all fitness levels, from Intro to Running to race prep for a variety of distances. You can even take the experience outside for guided runs off the treadmill with our professional instructors.

Most importantly, when paired with Echelon Premier Membership you’ll gain access to the Echelon community. Find yourself inspired — and accomplished, as you work your way up the Leaderboard — as you move along with fellow members from all over the world. 

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