October 30, 2019 3 min read

Real talk: buying a piece of exercise equipment for your home can give some folks anxiety. You’re not sure if it will be worth it or if you’ll even use it. Maybe you’re afraid you’ll end up with buyer’s remorse and, worse, a seven hundred dollar clothing rack.

Luckily, the Echelon Fit Bike is anything but. Daily low-impact exercise has been proven to promote higher energy levels, control weight, and combat both mental and physical health conditions (and more). Below are six of the ways buying an Echelon Fit Bike could help you upgrade your life for a new and improved you!

Energy Levels Could Improve 

When you’re feeling tired, what’s your first go-to activity? If you answer “nap” then you’re probably like most Americans. We all love a quick afternoon snooze when the energy levels are low, but the truth of the matter is light to moderate exercise can actually boost your energy levels and fight fatigue. What better way to exercise than the low-impact Echelon Fit Bike? 

The Echelon Fit Bike May Save You a Few Bucks

The Echelon Fit Bike is, by far, one of the more reasonably priced of the elite stationary bikes on the market. Right off the bat, you’ll be saving yourself some money by choosing this bike over the competition. But there’s also the hidden savings most folks don’t think about. The average cost of a gym membership costs about $700 dollars a year (double that if you live in a major city). That doesn’t include joining fees and upcharges. By buying your own piece of gym equipment, you’ll be saving money that would otherwise go to unnecessary gym dues!

Improved Relationships and Mental Health

One aspect of exercise many people don’t think about is the role it can play in your mental health. Studies have proven that aerobic exercise, such as cycling, can reduce anxiety and depression while also improving mental health, cognitive function and self-esteem. This is something to really get excited about! 

It’s the Perfect Low-Impact Exercise

Let’s face it, whether you like it or not, every day we’re all getting just a little bit older and running, jogging, lifting and squatting takes a toll on the body. With the Echelon Fit Bike, you can get a total body workout all while sitting down. Therefore, there’ll be much lowerrisk of arthritis or other pain conditions as the years roll on.Likewise, there’s a much lower risk of injury than with other forms of cardio workouts!

It’s Convenient Even With Your Busy Lifestyle

In this day and age, everyone’s got to hustle. Maybe you, like many of us these days, work a full-time job and then pick up gigs on the weekend, or freelance in your spare time. Having a piece of workout equipment in your home could make getting a total workout all the more convenient. No longer would you have to bring our gym clothes to work, run over to the gym after work, workout, drive all the way home, shower, change and then, finally, get some time to just decompress. Instead, you could just come home, change, and jump on the bike and, afterwards, the rest of the evening is yours. Sweet bliss.

The Echelon Fit Bike is Legitimately Fun

This is the one most people don’t believe but the Echelon Fit Bike is a legitimately fun way to workout. With Echelon’s trainers, you will never ride alone (unless you want to, of course). Furthermore, their seemingly endless list of classes you can take while on the bike or off—like Pilates, yoga, strength training, meditation, barre, Zumba and more! You’ll never be bored with all the ways we can get fit with the Fit Bike!


Only you can upgrade your life to find that better, fitter, and healthier version of yourself. Workout equipment like the Echelon bike is only a part of the process. But it’s a pretty good place to start so what are you waiting for?