Get to Know... Demi Patience

Headshot of Demi Patience over a blue background

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Instructor: Demi Patience

Language: English

Teaches On: Connect BikeEchelon Stride

Studio: London

Instagram: @demileepatience

Meet Demi

Black and white image of Demi bending down with two hands on thigh

Demi is a high-energy instructor who is perfect for people motivated by music. She syncs her classes to the beat of her favorite pop and house tunes and frequently leads sing-alongs to get your mind off the burn. When she’s not on the bike, you can find Demi at Starbucks or hanging out with Bleu, her French bulldog. 

Take a break from the day’s dramas with one of Demi’s fun, energy-boosting classes.

Demi’s Fitness Journey

Demi has been a fitness instructor for over 10 years and loves that she can help people mentally as well as physically. She sees her job as a great way to meet and connect with new people over shared interests, and her favorite thing is to help people feel better about themselves. This inspiration comes from the strength and compassion of her mum, but also from within — Demi always strives to be a better and happier person.

Demi wears rainbow Echelon gear and sunglasses, and holds one arm up in the air

Demi loves to teach people how she would like to be taught, with very clear directions and a heavy emphasis on fun. She wants all the members in her class to enjoy the moment rather than watch the clock. She strives to give a safe, fun workout that is appropriate for all fitness levels.

What Brought Demi to Echelon 

Demi credits Echelon’s amazing member community for bringing her into the fold. Being able to connect with all of the members and share her favorite tunes makes even the 4 a.m. wake-up times worth it for her. 

Gif of Demi teaching an Echelon Connect Bike class

She also loves being a part of the instructor community. One of her favorite memories at Echelon is when she got to do a dual ride with Sage during membership appreciation week. Her proudest moment is when she got to teach in New York City during Echelon’s pop-up event with other instructors from all over the world.

Demi’s Advice for New Members

Demi Patience and Susanna Barrett plank while making a heart with one of each of their hands

Demi’s advice to new members is simple: don’t ever give up. Find an instructor or workout partner who you can be motivated with. Don’t give up when it gets tough, and remember each effort makes you better. The results will amaze you!


New to Echelon? You can join Demi and our other Echelon instructors through 3,000+ on-demand and live classes, available in the studio and on the Echelon Fit app.