Get to Know… Gautier Lombart

Gautier Lombart - Echelon

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Instructor: Gautier Lombart

Language: French

Teaches On: Connect BikeRow

Studio: Paris

Instagram: @gautbart

Meet Gautier

Gautier likes fitness to be executed with as much precision as possible, while still listening to his body. Yoga perfectly fits this requirement and creates a state of serenity and wellbeing. Gautier trained as a yoga instructor in both France and India and takes great pleasure in sharing his knowledge with others. 

Gautier Lombart - Echelon

Listening to his body also leads Gautier to test his limits, and he likes to run, cycle, and dance, as well as bodybuilding and Pilates. He uses each of these disciplines as tools to build the most complete and fulfilling physical condition possible.

Gautier’s Fitness Journey

Gautier believes that holistic wellbeing is central to a healthy life, though many of us aren’t educated on how to do it right. This is what motivated him to become a fitness instructor because he loves sharing the knowledge and perspective of wellness. He wants members to know there are many ways to develop well-being: food, entertainment, music, dance, arts, trips, friends, massages... and fitness, of course!

Gautier Lombart - Echelon

He loves doing Yoga, Rowing, and Bootcamp classes. Gautier finds a lot of inspiration in those who can do amazing things with their bodies: the yogis' flexibility, the bodybuilders' muscles, the runners' speed… and also in his love of chocolate.

What Brought Gautier to Echelon 

Gautier joined the team when Echelon was new to Europe, and it was exciting for him to take a role in the team’s development. One of the best parts is meeting his fellow instructors and the backstage team. Gautier is grateful for the close relationships he has formed since starting with Echelon.

Gautier Lombart

This was also the first time Gautier had worked in front of a camera, a challenge he eagerly accepted. One of his favorite classes that he has led was in partnership with Laure Manaudou, the retired French Olympic swimmer.

Gautier’s Advice for New Members

Gautier Lombart - Echelon

Gautier likes inspiring people to increase their self-confidence, and you’ll often hear him say “You are here to sweat,” and “I count on you to do your best!” His number one tip is to focus on the technique, and love what you are practicing. 


New to Echelon? You can join Gautier on the Connect Bike and Row. His classes are available on-demand and live for Echelon Premier members in the Paris studio and on the Echelon Fit® app.