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How Accountability Helps You Achieve Your Goals

How Accountability Helps You Achieve Your Goals - Echelon Fit US
by Stephanie Hoerner
February 06, 2021
2 min read

Setting out to achieve a new goal can feel daunting, and it’s easy to give up when we lose motivation or let life get in the way. We’ve all been there. Luckily, the solution is easier than we think! The quickest way to keep our motivation and reach our goals is to add an accountability partner.
When someone walks alongside us, our chances of reaching our goals skyrocket due to these five factors.

  1. Improved Commitment. An accountability partner creates the expectation of follow through, and that expectation breeds motivation and commitment. Knowing we aren’t working to achieve something by ourselves creates a greater desire to succeed.
  2. Eliminates Excuses. When we’re alone, it can be hard to overcome the temptation to skip a workout or eat junk food. However, if someone is relying on us to be at the next live class or depending on us to bring healthy lunches, we’re more likely to check those excuses at the door.
  3. Solutions to Challenges. In life, obstacles will always arise but having an outside perspective can highlight solutions we may otherwise miss. “I don’t have any weights,” becomes, “Let’s use milk jugs filled with water,” or, “I don’t have time to exercise,” turns into, “We can do a 10-minute bootcamp before work!”
  4. Personal Cheerleader. Negative thoughts pop up all the time and can be a major roadblock. When we beat ourselves up for missing a day or get frustrated over slow results, an outside observer can help us see the bright side. A good partner will be quick to point out that even after missing a day, we still did more this week than the week before and held that plank for a minute longer.
  5. Positive Thinking. So far, we focused on what another person can offer but there are benefits to being a supporter, too. Accountability should be mutual and our desire to be a good partner can fuel positivity and creative thinking. We’ll try to be positive, reliable, solutions-oriented, and a cheerleader when someone feels down.

We may read this and think these benefits are great, but that it’s difficult to find a partner. For Echelon members, this isn’t an issue. Our community is full of supportive people looking for accountability partners, so join our Facebook Group and we can find the person who will be the key to our success!