Start Here: Echelon Row Welcome Challenge

Start Here: Echelon Row Welcome Challenge

New to Echelon or wondering how to get started with an at-home fitness routine? Begin your fitness journey with Echelon’s exclusive Start Here: Row welcome challenge! 

Enjoy a series of 5- and 10-minute sample workouts that introduce you to our variety of rowing classes and instructors. You’ll walk away from the challenge feeling motivated and ready to dive deeper into the Echelon experience.

Here is what you can expect:

Welcome Row 5 - Jaime

Welcome to Start Here. Through these classes, you will get a taste of the variety that Row has to offer.

Low Impact 10 - Amber

Low Impact Rows focus on form, technique, and execution. You’ll work through a combination of milder resistance and moderate-intensity drills to help build baseline fitness levels and promote active recovery.

Speed 10 - John

High-intensity Speed Rows are classes that provide a workout in shorter intervals, with a greater stroke rating to train and maintain anaerobic strength and fitness.

Fusion 10 - Eden

Blended class formats with no floor exercises, Fusion Rows are a medley of our favorite drills—strength, power, and sprints—to train various metabolic pathways and increase agility.

Power 10 - Ryn

Power Rows are high-intensity, interval classes that focus on speed, drag (resistance), and time to increase strength and stamina, and spike post-workout metabolic activity. These workouts are the place where power is generated at the intersection of resistance and stroke rate.

Bootcamp 10 - Michael

Row Bootcamp classes focus on intense rowing and vigorous bodyweight floor exercises designed to enhance muscular endurance and increase strength and agility on and off the rower.

Bootcamp Strength 10 - Nick

Row Bootcamp Strength is a high-impact strength-focused workout where you’ll be on your Stride half the time, and strength training the other half. It will get your metabolism pumped up and ready to go the entire day.

Bootcamp HIIT 10 - John

Row Bootcamp HIIT is a high-intensity interval training class that has you on your rower for half the workout and total-body moves off your rower the other half. This HIIT workout will help increase your metabolism and keep you energized all day long.

Once you’ve found your favorite way to row, get to know our wide range of Row classes to keep your fitness routine exciting and challenging. 

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