Why Staying Active Is Good For Fatherhood by Michael

Why Staying Active Is Good For Fatherhood by Michael

First things first, I love fitness, sports, and being active. I have been physically active for as long as I can remember. All that said, I am starting to feel all the years, yes I am only 37, compound on itself of being active, playing team sports into adulthood competitively, competitive functional fitness the last 9 years and now recreationally both add up. But that is even more the reason for me to keep moving my body. To not slow down. The approach to maintaining movement as it is the best medicine, movement, is to have a plan. Many reasons, but one that is my top priority is to be there for my son Jude in everything he does now and more in the future.

How do I go about doing so? The answer, I find balance to be the best approach to have the energy to stay close to the activity level of our kids and what is needed in day-to-day tasks as well. My fitness routine involves weight training, cardio exercises, mobility, high-intensity training, short, medium, and long-time domains, fast, sustained efforts, and more. It seems like a lot, but I am constantly searching for ways to improve my fitness and my mind so I am not getting ready, but I am always ready for whatever life throws at me and to enjoy time with my son. Nutrition and sleep are vital too.

For some, doing all different types of fitness is not in the cards. Whether it be time, interest, other responsibilities, etc. I get that for sure. But some sample sizes of what I mentioned can be done. Our bodies are amazing and are more than just one thing. So our fitness plan should mirror the same to keep our bodies going for ourselves first, our families second, and third a sustained long lifestyle. So the solution. Combine as much as possible in one workout or a series of them. Make it fun. Get it done when time is the most plentiful from work, family, and other demands. Whether it is first thing in the morning, during lunch, or right after work, set a time and make it a routine.

How to combine? A good amount of my kettlebell classes and built into the Week Round-Up Series each Sunday, found on Fitpass, will find just that. Movement of the body in different planes holds for not just strengthening the body, but improving the range of motion (mobility) and maintaining the motion (stability) with changes in time, sets, reps, and dynamics to improve the body. Always fun, but with purpose and safety! Performed live or on demand, the timing is up to you, but find a time that becomes a set routine. Not enough cardio with the weights and mobility exercises? Circuit Breaker workouts on Row get the cardio going. From durations of long efforts on row to short bursts combined with off-row movements, 20-30 minutes to get it all in are available in these classes and are a ton of fun! Even better...can get the kids involved with you. Talk about creating memories and getting a good sweat too!

Lastly, get outside and use your fitness or even have it be part of your fitness routine! Swim, run, bike, play a sport, and throw a ball with your kids are all great ways to not think of it as something to do to be fit, but it is just movement, and movement is medicine for us all. As I watch my son grow, mature and become whatever his heart desires, I want him to see and observe firsthand from me his dad that fitness is not one thing only it is much more and to have balance within fitness as it will structure and teach balance in other aspects of life.