Made To Move

Get to Know... Eden Lusk

Eden leads with an open heart — not just in her classes, but in all aspects of her life. She loves motivating people to break through their limitations and being a part of their fitness journey. 

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They've Arrived: Discover Our All-New Collection of Smart Treadmills

Echelon is excited to announce our new, expanding series of smart treadmills: Echelon Stride-s, Echelon Stride-5s,  and Echelon Stride-7s. There are now more ways than ever to enjoy the connected treadmill experience, whether you are an avid runner or looking for a way to boost your weekly cardio — there is now an Echelon treadmill for everyone.

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Get to Know... Demi Patience

Demi is a high-energy instructor who is perfect for people motivated by music. She syncs her classes to the beat of her favorite pop and house tunes and frequently leads sing-alongs to get your mind off the burn. 

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