Made To Move

New FitPass Class: Intro to Breakin'
Dance your way through cardio classes in the “Intro to Breakin’” series with Sergio “Zeku” Garcia. Breakin' (widely know as breakdancing) workouts are accessible for all experience levels. Each class will teach you moves and build up your skills until you’re...
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Cancer, Fitness & Jennifer’s Incredible Victory
We are proud to introduce our model, Jennifer, who is an Echelon member and 17-year breast cancer survivor. During our photo and video shoot, we had the opportunity to chat with Jennifer about her experience with cancer and how fitness helped her through her treatment and recovery. This is her story.
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New Monday Motivation Text Series
Do you struggle at times to keep your motivation? Is it hard for you to re-start your fitness journey each week? We're here to help you stay motivated with our new Monday Motivation text series! Jumpstart each week by receiving...
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