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Gadget Flow Reviews the Echelon Row
Gadget Flow is a go-to source for expert opinions who review the latest and greatest tech and gear of our time. After testing out the latest Smart Rower from Echelon that offers live and on-demand rides from experienced instructors, they found...
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Four Things to Know About Your Heart Rate
A study published by the Journal of Preventive Cardiology revealed cyclists who pedaled with more intensity lived 1.7 to 2.4 years longer than those who pedaled with average intensity.  Your life may depend on just how hard you’re pedaling!  ...
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Rate of Perceived Exertion and Indoor Cycling Part 1
Out of the saddle, pedaling fast, sweat is flying, all while holding a respectable spot on the Echelon leaderboard. The instructor announces “Last song,” but you aren't particularly winded. You may have visited the moderate intensity zone.   A groundbreaking 1993...
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