Made To Move

Stride Training Series: 5K and 10K Programs

Echelon now offers comprehensive training programs that help prepare you for running a 5K or 10K race. These on-demand training classes feature week-by-week guides that build up your stamina, eventually giving you the endurance to complete a full 5K or 10K — whatever your goal may be. 

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Get to Know… Markus Pütz

If you’re looking for a “tough love” instructor who will challenge and inspire you to reach your health goals, try a rowing class with Markus Pütz. Markus brings his competitive spirit and positive energy to every Echelon class. 

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Get to Know… Ashanti “Raketi” Häckel
As a busy Mom of two, Echelon instructor Ashanti, better known by her nickname “Raketi” meaning “Rocket”, knows firsthand the balance of being a dedicated mother while also prioritizing time in her day to stay healthy and active. She loves to teach freestyle classes with loud, motivating music which is what inspires her to push through every workout. Ashanti is known for her big smile and sense of humor. Join her cycling classes if you love lots of energy and need extra motivation to reach your goals.
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